Chris Stapleton Interviews Internet Marketer Mark Hoverson On Video Marketing!

www.themlmsource.com Learn how to completely dominate the competition by exposing yourself to the globe using free video marketing resources like youtube! http Video Marketing Can Explode Any Business! But a lot of people procrastinate with this technique. Mark talks about letting go of whatever is holding you back and speaking from the heart directly to your audience! implementing videos into your marketing strategies is critical. You will get better and better on camera with every video! Get YourSelf Online Today! www.themlmsource.com 480-220-8937 If you have any questions and would like to contact me directly please call the number listed. To your prosperity, Chris Stapleton Online Marketing Coach 480-220-8937
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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Excellent advice here.

    I like how he compares looking into the camera as looking into someone’s eye. Great way to make a connection.

    Shooting videos can add instant credibility. Do whatever you can to get over your fears and start uploading them daily.

  2. erickmayes says:

    hey chris, i talked to ya on the phone today…. I’m going to the mark hoverson GRN training… that’s one of the companies i’m looking at. you’re in AZ. i twisted his arm to let me come without being part of his team yet. it’s going down in phoenix… not sure where you’re at.

  3. Themlmsource says:

    Thanks buddy!


  4. SkyRocketYourLeads says:

    Great tip!

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