Chris Ramirez Baseball Recruiting Video Class of 2014

Class of 2014, Chris Ramirez, 1B / OF, Naaman Forest HS / D-BAT Mustangs. Ranked in top 10 % Metro Scout League, Projected Evaluation: D1. Baseball/Softball …

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  1. ken blavk says:

    I agree with Riley, you have great power but incorporating some better
    dynamics the the lower half for example your back foot, instead of ”
    squishing the bug” drag it towards the plate with your swing to create more
    force upon impact of the ball. you are cheating your full potential with
    just that little fix. good luck ;)

  2. Riley Edward says:

    soooo much untapped power in your lower half!!! Pleeeasssee focus on that
    you are already a good player now… you will be something special with
    more work!!

  3. Brandon Parker says:

    This is a kid that takes after Chris Davis. The follow through is smooth
    just like Davis’.

  4. Joe Warman says:

    Go opposite field some

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