Chris Guillebeau, Jonathan Budd & Mike Watts Explain How To Build An Empire In 2012(#15)

bit.ly – Mike Watts explains what a Lifemap is and how you can use it to build your business. He learned this technique from Jonathan Budd. Chris Guillebeau taught how to prepare for the year through an annual review. —————————– Connect with Mike: Facebook: Facebook.com Facebook.com Twitter Twitter.com

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  1. RuthSherman says:

    I like your vision board. Very inspiring.

  2. mikewattstv says:

    - Thanks Juan.

  3. FelixRMTV says:

    He Mike – great content! Especially loved the end! Just kidding. No, you have a great way with words and it’s really entertaining and valuable at the same time. Thanks – Juan

  4. mikewattstv says:

    - My girlfriend grew up in Yarmouth. We are currently living in Wainscott, NY though.

  5. tommyisastrategist says:

    Dude! Where in Maine are you? I’m in Eliot, and there aren’t too many online types anywhere around (or so it seems)

  6. mikewattstv says:

    – Thanks man!

  7. mikewattstv says:

    – Yeah I heard about that website over the last week. I think it is called pin-interest or something like that. I haven’t used it and I don’t think I will until later this year.

  8. mikewattstv says:

    – Oh yeah, well I want to spend a couple of months in tropical places and I already have the trip to Hawaii booked for 10 days. It is coming up in March and I can’t wait! One of my desires for the year is coming true.

  9. mikewattstv says:

    – I am not sure, we might have but I wasn’t sitting up at the front. I was chilling in the middle. I love his stuff and I have learned so much from following him.

  10. mikewattstv says:

    – Thank you very much!

  11. mikewattstv says:

    – Yes I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see what has been accomplished.

  12. mikewattstv says:

    – You are welcome Honey!

  13. mikewattstv says:

    - Well Thanks you

  14. goodfinancialcents says:

    Great stuff man!

  15. astarrallen2 says:

    Awesome video, Mike! I’ve been a vision boarder for years! LOVE it! I recently found a tool to help people create one quickly online… using any images they can find on the internet (so that they can be ultra specific). I’ll share the link at your request. Rock on! 🙂 xo -Amy

  16. WealthWithVitoria says:

    Great stuff you got on your Dream Board!!! Vacation places coves the majority of my board…lol Yoga I do 🙂 , but I wonder if we saw each other at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur with JB in Sunny San Diego 🙂 I was lucky to seat right next to Katie Freiling !
    I need to do another JB Life board though !

    Vitoria – VTA

  17. SpiceUKMovies says:

    Inspiring stuff buddy, really enjoy your super videos – love your personality!

  18. greenlightcoach says:

    I love doing visual boards! The best is when I look over the boards from previous years and see all of the images that have come to fruition in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. 

  19. GlimpseTV says:

    Mike, I love it when you shoot videos and make fun of me!!

  20. WealthWithMikeW says:

    This is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. WealthWithMikeWatts says:

    Man I love this video…Thanks

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