Chris Brown got herpes from Rihanna/ Celebrity STD video by Zach Selwyn!

itunes.apple.com Country Gossip Monger BUCK KETCHUP tells the world about his celebrity sex encounters with Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kate Hudson and many more. BANNED from the MTV Video Music Awards
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  1. James Jones says:

    That’s funny as hell

  2. mightytyger0 says:

    Hey man huge fan of all your music! anyway you can tell me the chords this seems like it would be a party pleaser =]

  3. poeticpisces2007 says:

    @ 2:22 that “Clap” is something vicious. LOL!

  4. thefunclub says:

    You finally got this down!!! See, something good came out of that job.

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