Choosing the Right Social Networking Site

Choosing the Right Social Networking Site

Article by Mohamed Yasil

With increasing demands on time, more and more people are finding it difficult to stay in contact with their friends by meeting regularly. However, the need to communicate and share information, opinions, feelings and whatever else with others having similar interested, thinking is pushing people to access and use social networking sites as a tool for connecting and expressing themselves. Painting a rosy and attractive picture with the help of clever marketing campaigns, these websites promise susceptible people an array of services as well as more. Today, social networking sites have become the chosen tool to stay abreast of trends, remain connected, and gain popularity and recognition in an increasingly isolated existence.

Highly popular and reputed to be a ‘hip’ way to break away from traditional barriers, these social networking services have a steadily growing young breed of people as supporters. If the ever-growing roster of these websites is any indication of their acceptance in the virtual world, the related issues are also equally, if not more, significant. However, when it comes to choosing the right social networking site, how do you decide?

In order to make the right choice, you also need to understand the types of social networking sites. Broadly, there are 3 categories:

Generalist Social Networking Sites – These are large (having a larger number of users) networking sites and attract a wider and more general audience. Examples include MySpace, Facebook. These websites target different demographic and include sub-groups that allow people to network with other users who have similar interests. Today, MySpace and Facebook are the two most popular and active social networking websites on the Internet. Facebook even has privacy options that empower you to decide who can see your personal information and who can’t. Visit these two websites to know more about them.

Niche Audience Social Networking Sites – Created especially to attract niche audience, whether a particular age group or interest/hobby, these niche audience Social Networking Sites are rapidly gaining popularity and populating the virtual space fast. Examples include Sobercircle (a networking site that is for people who are trying to kick their addictions), MyArtInfo (a niche social networking site for artists). The biggest advantage of a niche audience social networking site is that it offers you a good chance to grow as an individual and learn more about your field of work besides make friends with those who share similar interests as yours. However, such a social networking platform may not present itself as a viable option in the long run.

Business Networking Sites – These sites help you create your meet people who belong to the same industry as you. Increasingly, business networking sites are being considered as a good way to networking with professionals located in different parts of the world and offer your expertise and experience for their businesses if the demand presents itself. Examples include LinkedIn, Ryze.com. The biggest advantage of these networks is that they help you connect with those who can offer you a better work opportunity or even a business opportunity based on your profile and skill sets.

So, the bottom line is that you must choose wisely. Making the right choice is possible if you do your homework and background check prudently. Always study and compare the various benefits, privacy, copyright, and security measures taken by these websites before you sit down to fill the membership form and click ‘Submit’. Start slow, and keep in mind that it’s better to be deeply involved and active on one social networking site rather than have multiple profiles and fall an easy prey to the virtual predators that are creating mayhem in the virtual space.

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