Chip Chip Cheerio (VideoBlog44)

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  1. missblah2108 says:

    same! NORWICH 4EVA

  2. BubuTheYoutification says:

    That was not in anyway entertaining or comical.

  3. LynleeMoeller says:

    Actually, Leo DiCaprio didn’t die in the movie Titanic. If you’ve seen Inception, in the beginning he wakes up on the beach.  I’m just kidding. I just wanted to make you laugh.

  4. daiseeycheeks says:


  5. V334YY says:

    I looove when English folk speak “American” because I can never picture what their real voice sounds like in my Canadian accent until they try to do the American accent 🙂 LOVE IT!

  6. KTclarkemullen says:

    joey is the ultimate 3rd wheel :’)

  7. kellymarie314 says:

    Sawyer your like one of the girls in this video 😀 love it 😀

  8. AJovo1 says:

    i don’t like it either.
    actually i don’t like any romantic movies.

  9. bluegrasshopper1 says:

    Thumbs up if your subscribed to all of them like me!

  10. kaysher221 says:

    I live near Norwich ^^

  11. 00juls00 says:

    “yeah but your heart grows fonder.” haha

  12. MsSweetheart009 says:

    not at all i hated that movie

  13. MuzicLuva227 says:

    Do you mean to tell me you actually HAVE this thing called a soul? lol Maybe only the soulless hated titanic 😉

  14. delilahtaylorkay says:

    yes. do you not have a soul

  15. SuperLela19 says:

    I’m British and it always makes me giggle when i hear Americans do the British accents. And btw i LOVE Titanic it’s my favourite film ever.

  16. YoItsTelle21 says:

    titanic <3

  17. kathleenxo101 says:

    is ingrid and luke holding hands at 3:08?

  18. asantoyo07 says:

    @PinkCharm1991 how is he rude?

  19. asantoyo07 says:

    I seriously cannot stop laughing how Joey’s fake deep voice

  20. RosePetals123100 says:

    Blair you did really well with the English accent lol xxx

  21. MissEllolisoss says:


  22. pinkpolkadots81 says:

    luke is a cutiee

  23. epicperson7 says:

    Joey is so hot -_-

  24. RosePetals123100 says:

    I am from England and I thought you lot did well with the Englsih accents lol

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