Chinese steam – C2 07 fly shunting train at Xingyang

C2 207 fly shunts her train of hoppers. It works like this. Step one, bring train into siding and offload cargo (previous video). Step 2. Reverse train out of siding and a good distance down line, keeping the siding switch open. Step 3. Move the train forward at speed. Step 4. Disconnect the whole train from the locomotive when the train reaches a good speed, and just as the locomotive speeds into the siding, throw the switch on the mainline so the rest of the train rolls down the mainline. Step 5. Reverse the train out of the siding. Step 6. Chase the train of hoppers downline, and then bring the whole lot back down to the quarry. 18-9-2006.
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  1. sillywesties says:

    Oh, wouldn’t that be grand to model our layouts w/o the trains catching all the scenery as this train does pushing back the brush as it goes by! Nice video!

  2. TheSuperdude827 says:

    At 1:11 I was thing the train was about to derail on the beach

  3. pennyf9 says:

    that thing has tiny wheels! such a workhorse!steam engines are more reliable than diesels!

  4. celica825 says:

    when i first watched this I was like where the heck are the rails?

  5. longwhip says:

    Some call that fly switching…we call it “Yanking it by” highly illegal and will get you fired on Class I’s…I enjoy Old time railroading…

  6. hwoods01 says:

    doesnt appear to be anly ‘solid’ foundation under that siding… scary..

  7. SheepRanic says:

    I assume a brakeman or two stays on the ghost train, in case the loco can’t quite chase it down? 😉

  8. OrsinoDuke says:

    man, the sound is cool

  9. trains72345 says:

    close to the edge

  10. applecounty says:

    This super fly shunting. I’ve heard of single wagons being shoved into sidings by uncoupled engines, but nothing this fancy. The track is very near the edge.

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