Cheap Vid #4: Meet Me at VidCon!

Meet me at VidCon Thursday and Friday (June 26 & 27), just go to the nearest concession stand, and chances are I’ll be there. No, check back here, and on Ins…

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  1. Christina Jones says:

    You’re gonna be at the con bra bra?! Damnit.

  2. TheGr8FryingPan says:

    Haha, even his baby is wearing Lacoste :P

  3. Will Is Everything says:

    nice meeting you Habe haha cool guy man. I searched Gabuscus and found ya.
    Thanks again for chatting
    -Alan (guy with lizard at vidcon)

  4. Nitkowski Pictures says:

    Wish I could go. Never been to VidCon. (Looks dramatically away from camera
    towards the sky) … One day…

  5. Jordan Jones says:

    “I thought VidCon was a type of criminal.” I died laughing xD

  6. Alexander Strieb says:


  7. Chad Eichhorn says:

    This is far more amusing if the kid isn”t yours.

  8. Stephanus Surjaputra says:

    Hope to see you there too.

  9. GABE'S CHANNEL says:
  10. ronan ohanlon says:

    If 42 is the meaning of life then what the hell are cookies ?

  11. SA S says:

    Gabe, your intensity level is turned up to 11.

  12. Jazzy A says:

    will you be at toby’s signing saturday too? :D

  13. Taylah Bons says:

    Wish I could go to VidCon. I really want to meet Gabe and my Toby. But I
    live in Australia -_-

  14. Madame Masky says:

    Nice bubble

  15. Kathy Sue Holtorf says:

    Gabe. Goodness. I… I mean I can’t even… Just .. Stahp… MAKING ME
    LAUUUGHHH! (See what I did there? You thought I was gonna be mean.. But

  16. ChloChlo1020 says:

    Everyone’s at vidcon and I’m just sitting here on my bed mad because I’m
    not there.. Hahahaha…ha…

  17. Gabby Burgett says:

    Da baby is so cute!!!

  18. Merve Hilal Gürkan says:

    now we all know how much he loves bubbles

  19. John Woods says:

    First! Sorry, just had to

  20. Mathieu Péloquin says:

    Please remember my name so I will be able to tell every one that I know a
    famous youtuber in about 2 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Abbiekakez says:

    Ughh I want to go to vidcon!!!! >:( 

  22. Rachel Pena says:

    I hope I’m able to meet you Gabe!

  23. SuperDubbleGamer says:

    Dang it

  24. das hasguns says:

    OMG he has a spawn

  25. SuperDubbleGamer says:


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