Cheap Gun Props – Swap Meet

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED .Ben and Tony go to the swap meet in order to buy cheap guns for our videos. Gun Props Documentary – Swap Meet. IF YOU WANT REAL…
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  1. Alonso Cantu says:


  2. Ashlee Dwyer says:

    M4 not m16, 1911 not desert eagle, rough copy of a tec 9 not a uzi.

  3. LilDudeGaming says:

    that is a 1911 

  4. Dexi Mcphilemy says:

    It’s a colt 1911 no a desert eagle!!!

  5. rebecca lopez says:

    tech nine

  6. xXPurpleGriffinXx says:

    who the fuck sells knives to kids?

  7. Karen Pelen says:

    That’s not a m16 that’s a m14 carbon rifle

  8. Corneliu Damian says:

    How much was
    The gun u call (desert eagle) 

  9. Rory Rumfelt says:

    well the desert easgle is a 1911 para… and those usp’s were what looked
    like glocks for a moment but just look like sigs, the unknown smg is a tec
    9… kinda

  10. IN the ZoNe says:

    And the submachine gun they didn’t know what it was was a Kiparis i think

  11. finalfusion96 says:

    too much call f duty it is an m4

  12. David Armenta says:

    The blade is cool

  13. TheSexMuffinz says:

    Is it not a Prop?

  14. TheSexMuffinz says:

    that is cool, it is a good prop, we havent used it yet, but we will in time

  15. TheSexMuffinz says:

    yeah it is a good way to go! -Tony

  16. Ramiro Molina says:

    How much did that assault rifle cost you. And can you realode with that gun

  17. Corrupt Tom says:

    it is actually an m4

  18. Ramiro Molina says:

    Cause my friend is going to get one similar like that

  19. bronyboyZero5 says:

    1:44 that is not a dessert eagle

  20. Roqmaximus says:

    Bb guns

  21. 형섭 심 says:

    Its fake

  22. TheSexMuffinz says:

    um yeah, why?

  23. 1980ChristinaAnn says:

    How much do you want for the ones with lasers

  24. Cristian Obregon says:

    bitch its an M4 cult commando

  25. propsandfanfilms says:

    I meant knives laugh out loud

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