Cheap DUPE for Anastasia Dipbrow!! #AMAZING! | Jordan Cheyenne

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  1. lisa montgomery says:

    Try the Maybelline color tattoo shadow in tough as taupe, perfect shade for
    brows , I have black hair and it’s perfect , no warm brownish red tones for
    my brows , this is amazing !

  2. Kendall Rae says:

    I love your eye and lip combo! So unique! Or course you can pull it off:)
    I’ve been wanting the dip brow, but I haven’t been able to get it either:(
    Thanks for this dupe I’ll have to check it out!!! 

  3. Bachx3 says:

    Is the Sonia kashuk waterproof?

  4. MakeupByHaylee says:

    Wish they had a taupe shade for us blondes :(

  5. Susan Pelaez says:

    Lol I found it so funny that as you started talking about thee anastasia
    product I started thinking “hmmmm… Maybe a gel liner would do” and voila!
    You’re using a gel liner as a dupe! Thanks for the tip!! 

  6. Melissa Parada says:

    Great find! Loved the side by side comparison xoMelissa

  7. ShelbeesBeauty says:

    I really enjoyed the side by side demo 🙂 good video! I’ll be picking up
    the Sonia Kashuk one this week. 

  8. Dayana Espinoza says:

    The dipbrow is only $18

  9. Ms. Jane says:

    ill stay with anastasia! Its waterproof! 

  10. luvlaurenashley says:

    Great video! Going to have to pick that Sonia kashuk up! :)

  11. ROCKELLY TAMAY says:

    You look gorgeous doll. Love this look do a tutorial

  12. MaMaLoVe99 says:

    wow what an amazing dupe…..thank you so much for putting us on about
    this…..love when you do videos like this…..always find great deals for
    us…. definitely going to try it. : )

  13. Rebecca Irineo says:

    could you do a comparison of the milani eye brow pencil compared to the
    anastasia one thanks! loved this video!

  14. BeautyMeetsGirl says:

    Your eyebrows are looking way too harsh. Remember a little goes a long way!
    Especially for a natural look

  15. Andréane Labrosse says:

    what about for blonder girls? do you think that they’d have a blonder
    colour since it’s supposed to be a gel eyeliner?

  16. heyyvalencia! says:


  17. Irma O sohapii says:

    I was on the hunt for Anastasia but it was sold out at my Sephora. I had to
    go get these as soon I saw this video. I went and bought the Sonia Kashuk,
    Elf, and Maybaline. So far im liking Sonia Kashuk.

  18. Andris Garcia says:

    i use elf brown gel liner and rimmel brown gel liner too the rimmel one is
    waterproof last all day even the next day if u dnt remove it i really love
    it and a littleeeeee goes a long way with gel products 

  19. 72shortgirl says:

    I was told by an associate in Ulta that the reason you can’t find any more
    anastasia dip brow was because they are going to reformulate it because too
    many people were returning it. 

  20. carlaavc says:

    Is it waterproof?

  21. Sami Erzen says:

    Brow Game is strong girl!!!!

  22. maureenelizabeth2 says:

    Is the dupe waterproof?

  23. sabrina cat says:

    No joke once I saw this product I ran over to target and got like 6 or 7
    because I thought they would sell out so fast lol

  24. Jessie Ma says:

    Thx for sharing

  25. ChloeIsMyName says:

    You are so amazing and perfect! I hope one day I’ll be as famous as you :)

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