Chat Rooms: Know Them Better

Chat Rooms: Know Them Better

Article by Kevin Laura

The world is going in a fast mode. People haven’t much more time to communicate with each other by writing letters and at the same time do not have much money for expensive long distance calls. Now we have the option like internet chatting for communicating with each other and that too without thinking of too much about the phone bill expenses. The whole network is arranged through several chat rooms. People come to the chat rooms for various reasons. They learn more and more and can share their views with other people each and every moment on a global basis. Mainly, young generation likes to prefer to use it as a communicating method, and it is a very useful communication channel for groups.

Chat means informal conversation which is a way of communication through the internet network. But it is basically referred to direct one-on-one chat which is known as Text based group chat or synchronous conferencing by using internet relay chat, IM (Instant Messengers), Talkerd, MUDs etc. Misunderstanding may happen between users. For avoiding this problem some guidelines or protocols are created which is also known as “chatiquitte”. This chatiquitte differs from one to another community which describes basic consideration, introducing a new user into the community and the associate network culture.

Now technology has improved so much that distance does not matter, if you wish to stay connected with your near or dear ones. The age of internet services serves us by giving the opportunity to send voices to someone, even if they are thousand miles away from us. The usefulness of online chatting is that we can share our opinion with others. Some important topics like regional issues, political issues, sports, education, astrology or some varying interests are discussed. There is equal opportunity for everyone to share views without any discrimination of cast and gender.

When someone likes to chat in a professional site he must be a member of the site for logging in. But in the case of free online chat, everyone is permitted to express their views without any permission. For paid sites video chat along with voice chat is available. You can also upload your photos and videos in your chat window. Some chat rooms are available for adults looking for developing a strong and healthy relationship.

Dark side of the chat room

Other than its amusing sides it also has a dark one which mainly concerns the social faces of us. Kids are getting involved in cyber sex or becoming victim of hackers, which mainly leads to civic disasters. It is not good for a society if its residents always live in a virtual world or turns irrational in their daily life. But the above mentioned things always depend on the user’s mentality and so he or she has to control it and for the sake of such little things such a huge progression in communication sector must not be stopped. It’s for the betterment of our mankind and we have to nourish online chat rooms carefully.

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Kevin Laura works as a consultant in a consultancy agency. He is an avid reader and also writes for some of the website, his genre being online chatting.

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