Charles Nguyen & Anthony Lee | “Bonfire” – @knifepartyinc

*No Copyright infringement intended. bbbbbb-bonfire. Artist: Knife Party Song: Bonfire SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com youtube.com TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: @charlesvnguyen @antoniousness Shout out to Jonathan Shih @jyshih21 for the amazing video work! Email – jys2100@gmail.com Come take class from us at www.QuestLearningCenter.com on Monday’s at 8pm.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Ryan Chieforas says:

    so fliping awesome

  2. Original Krew says:

    1:52 “And then there’s Feng….” x’D

  3. ficuta leonard says:

    its really awesome but easy

  4. ficuta leonard says:

    i learn it in one day!

  5. AkosiJomel says:


  6. Matt Gohata says:

    Exactly…… :0

  7. Rhowie Talbot says:

    Feng’s too good for emotions. lol

  8. GIancarlo Toledo says:

    Fengs too good to use emotions ^_^

  9. kingkoy007 says:

    took me time to learn that too. 🙂 But it should be easy for you 🙂

  10. chickenchasing says:

    lol, I’m glad someone else got it :]

  11. MrUnclemichael says:

    They would make one sick ass crew

  12. bkpatyyrick says:

    i kno he has swag with his dancing his DOPE!!!!!!

  13. sabrina nexs says:

    RASENGAN!! naruto 00:46- 00:55

  14. LGIWProductions says:

    looks basic but i cant seem to get it down

  15. Pheonix92Aries says:

    00:46- 00:55 RASENGAN!!

  16. minervalzn12 says:

    My eyes in Law.

  17. Devon Hill says:

    What program is used for editing?

  18. dee tucker says:

    fucking epic

  19. Danny Vichitthavong says:

    i need to perform this in my talent show LOL

  20. kingkoy007 says:

    C-walk. 🙂 

  21. 650SURPRIZE says:

    man i havent seen a vid with feng is a long ass time

  22. DjYoshyMix says:

    Asian FTW <3

  23. jonaShOcK says:

    how is that move(walk) 1:47 called??

  24. nineteen950 says:

    ryan feng looks a bit like victor kim

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