Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet the Superhumans (Annotated Version)

Watch the non-annotated version here: youtu.be Meet the Superhumans, the stars of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, exclusively on Channel 4 from 29 August to 9 September. Welcome to a world with no barriers, a world where possibilities are endless and potential is limitless. Channel 4 is broadcasting an unprecedented 150 hours of live coverage on multiple television channels as well as online, along with dedicated mobile and tablet apps. Multiple streams, live text commentary, sharp social media observations and much more will be available at www.channel4.com/paralympics Some tickets for the 2012 Paralympics are still available at www.tickets.london2012.com Sorry everyone, we’d love to make the YouTube version of this clip available to embed but the rights agreement around the music means we need to keep it on our channel. To embed the Meet The #Superhumans trailer in your blog or website the code can be accessed here… www.channel4.com

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  1. choron steon says:

    thanks & I believe it makes the world better.

  2. Tyr Ric says:

    You can´t be awesome, you are awesome…
    Because you are a fucking ugly bitch stupid like a sea-cow.


  3. Чинтүшиг Мягмар says:


  4. Can Ozan says:

    i wanna beat the people who dislike this

  5. Kit Tennant says:

    These are my role models. Today I pushed my first 5K in my wheelchair. I’m ready to take on this world!

  6. plutoplanet says:

    Fantastic commercial, well done by whichever firm put this together.

  7. Thebunkable says:

    Forget everything you thought you knew about commercials

  8. BetamaxLives03 says:


  9. MrEDDFire says:

    Still get goosebumps!

  10. WestcoastSurfer says:

    Harder than you think by Public Enemy

    !!! Don’t thumb it up, let the best ad ever be in the first two spots!!!

  11. Doyin Haastrup says:

    not funny.

  12. paul67ism says:

    Dumb , show some dispect . These people are made of steel , all you have to look forward to is your gradual souless demise , these people will live forever because they have inspired others ,you on the other hand will cry alone ,bitter ,unloved and without any direction . Suck on that !

  13. theonlypoohbear says:

    Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

  14. Bewerterify says:


  15. MrOhrsim says:

    song name ?

  16. leoln7 says:

    repo men

  17. qwertzu3 says:

    what s that movie called where people who cant afford the payments on their implants have to give them back or have them ripped out …

  18. bogrowlie says:

    I suggest you stop going around fucking everywhere

  19. Talia Madeline says:

    bcuz everywhere i go i like to fuck

  20. bogrowlie says:

    Why do I see you fucking everywhere

  21. Fiasco117 says:

    lol this is retarded.. get it?

  22. dzigimk says:

    Come over and lay down on this table I promise you’ll feel everything!

  23. Talia Madeline says:

    someone cut off my arms and legs so i can be awesome

  24. Nati0us says:

    The midget swimmer has me in tears.

  25. somekindofaperson says:

    man…i’m truly impressed. how the hell this didn’t turn viral? i think is the best olympic video i’ve ever seen. truthful, powerful and emotional. brilliant mates. greetings from portugal.

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