Certified Nursing Assistant Recruiters: What You Need to Know

Certified Nursing Assistant Recruiters: What You Need to Know

Article by Karen P Williams

Certified Nursing Assistant recruiters are always on the lookout for the best of the best. Hired by not only medical facilities but health agencies, insurance companies or occupational industries recruiters are used to fill positions either on a temporary or permanent basis. They work to seek out the most qualified candidates possible. Recruiters maintain contacts within the medical community and with an ear to the ground will find the best qualified candidates around. Recruiters may also host or attend job fairs for the purpose of collecting resumes to find out who is out their possibly looking for a job or looking to change jobs. Sometimes a candidate doesn’t know they are looking for a new job until approached by a recruiter.

Recruiters will contact colleges or other educational institutions offering nursing programs in search of promising graduates. Recruiters will often interview and screen potential candidates to determine their employment worthiness and recommend such a candidate for hire or make the job offer. Recruiters might also conduct the necessary background checks including criminal back ground check if necessary.

The CNA recruiter must be fully knowledgably of the institution they represent. They must know the policies and practices, working conditions and promotional opportunities as well as financial compensation. They should have a medical background and be well versed in medical terminology and nursing practices. They must know what elements of the job are flexible and what are not of the employer they represent. They must know the current employment and unemployment laws, both federal and state.

Usually, CNA recruiters are looking for specific qualities and experience in a candidate. They are looking to fill a specific position. By using a recruiter rather than placing an ad in the newspaper or trade magazine, the recruiter does the initial leg work. They will do the necessary interview and background check and recommend the candidates qualified for the position. All the employer has to do is interview the final cast of candidates and make their selection. That allows the employer and human resources department the ability to keep up with the everyday tasks of running a business and not to be fully involved in the hiring process.

How do you find a CNA recruiter if you wish to change jobs or are looking for a better opportunity? Well, sometimes they find you by asking around and keeping an ear to the ground. But if you want to find them, you can find them in the yellow pages, by word of mouth or from ads in trade magazines and medical publications. You may want to interview them as much as they are interviewing you. Candidates using a CNA recruiter want to be sure the recruiter has the necessary qualifications and back ground necessary to find a new opportunity in the medical field for you. If they can’t answer general questions about a prospective employer in regards to policies and procedures and benefits, they probably aren’t going to be much help to you. You may do better answering an ad from the newspaper.

But if the recruiter is on top of their game, they will have the uncanny, almost mystical ability, to match the right CNA to the right employer.

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