Celibate Power Couple

Kate gets ready for a comic book convention while giving Marshall relationship advice.
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  1. Poison Nepenthe says:

    i love that shes talking to herself in the mirror

  2. Nealey Sommerfeld says:

    I <3 Moosh!

  3. carmen101491 says:

    lol i want to name my kid marshall, so i can call him moosh 🙂

  4. wearethough says:

    Marshall is sooo cute.

  5. zmelon says:

    MOOSH is my favorite character!!!!!!!!!  So Innocent!!!!

  6. lolasgotneeds says:

    @eatinpsilocybin sounds like your a cranky pants in need of way more shrooms!! Ha! Ha! You and JDA 23 have your minds and other things shut so tight nothing fun can get in! you sound way sex starved! good luck!

  7. deshun601 says:

    United States of Tara: Rocks!!

  8. Matthue Keck says:

    i fucking love kate

  9. okigirl93 says:

    he is…i think he is just experimenting at the moment

  10. sunshinesprinkle says:

    oh come on, you can’t judge the show on a one minute clip from an episode.

    @eatinpsilocybin right, because other networks don’t feature shows with adult content? if you’ve never seen the show I suggest you keep your generalizations to yourself. you can make ridiculous statements about every television network on air, and will find that none of them are true. different people enjoy different things. its pathetic that you spend so much time cutting down television shows you don’t even WATCH.

  11. BriAnT121 says:

    im still watching season 1, havent reached the second one yet…. i thought marshall was gay??

  12. eatinpsilocybin says:

    yeah showtime is for the neurotic, cynical, sex starved set. poor lambs.

  13. jordanschug1223 says:

    lol i loooove this show i got my husband into it like crazyy

  14. MrWhocaresnow says:

    I love these two together.  Hands down best brother-sister relationship on T.V.

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  16. JDA23 says:

    This is funny? good thing i only mess with HBO

  17. PrincessValhallaHawk says:

    Break up with crazy-pants!

  18. ugliestalmanac4 says:

    brother-sister really husband-wife wouldnt have really picked that – online episodes at watch Dexter for free -dot ^com

  19. Hoopermazing says:

    Ah, so this is why I don’t watch this show.

  20. Susie H says:

    Celibate power couple? Hahaha that sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

  21. twistedknightmare says:

    Celibate Power Couple …that is a stupid idea! lol

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