Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev) / Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev) / Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen Video by Michelle Nehme.

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  1. Doreen Fay says:

    WOW! Hit my “Goose Bump Register.”

  2. Valentin Wator says:

    Ce son … C’est vraiment incroyable comment mon sang se glace quand j’écoute ça

  3. kurt6string says:

    Thanks, very moving.

  4. scottwork1 says:

    1st heard casey with flying colors and loved it, then checked alpha rev out and loved it , me and my kids sing every song on the album new morning word for word the cd virtually never leaves the player in the car , my daughter even song Phoenix burn at her school concert , you guys are an inspiration which is even more amazing considering I’m a metal head for the most part , you nailed this song , you and your bands deserve every shred of attention and admiration you get . Thank you !!!

  5. leslie266 says:

    can’t stop pressing replay….its beautiful….wish i could find it to buy it

  6. amandapandapie says:

    I never question why you guys have been my favorite band for so long, no room to question with a voice like that.

  7. Amy Ford says:

    Favorite version of this song.  Ever.
    You are so blessed to have the voice you have!
    Amazing 🙂

  8. Shelli Walton says:

    Wow that was amazing!!!

  9. megaead69 says:

    amazing : )

  10. MarriedonSunday13 says:

    This SOOOOOO needs to be put ont he back end of thier next album. Casey if your listining. Beautiful.

  11. oody32 says:

    casey has an amazing voice and musical style, love listening to him and alpha rev ever since they played at my college

  12. sonicsonicus says:

    Genius. Very good work.

  13. Ronny Smith says:

    Bravo Well Done

  14. Venus Paternite says:

    wonderful job!

  15. superfluousagent says:

    Very well-done. Your adaptations to the melody perfectly fit you voice. It’s hard to truly make this song your own, and you have most certainly done so.  🙂

  16. Melissa Zuniga says:

    I love this song! Good job!!

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