Can’t establish a reliable connection…SOLVED

Solution of a play store error that is can’t establish a reliable connection to the server…..I solved this…if it worked for u just like and comment… Li…
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  1. Xeoa Lemonz says:

    Just delete the hosts file reboot phone then open playstore.. So much more

  2. Rahul Jaikar says:

    MAKE IT HIGH!! LIKE IT ND SUBSCRIBE !! happy to help..

  3. Cryonicz_ says:

    it work but it keep crashing help

  4. Rahul Jaikar says:

    thnks peeps for liking my work nd subscribing my channel….m back now nd
    will work on other troubleshooting videos too….but before tht i would
    like to tell u all about a really good game on play store named… “GREED
    FOR GLORY” its really addictive game…u guys nd girls should try it… =)

  5. MCBenji says:

    It seems to work, but it crashes constantly when im trying to open it..
    Please help

  6. ichigo kurosaki says:


  7. CoolStudioHD7 says:

    man you are a hero thanks bro <3 :*

  8. Rakshith Dragneel says:

    My google play store keeps crashing even after i have signed in…..PLZ

  9. Rohit Lohar says:

    Thanks bro you just saved my phone 

  10. Gerald Sepulveda says:

    If u did it ones can u do it again

  11. MultigemZ Frostygem says:

    plz help someone rahuls strategy worked btw thnx alot rahul 🙂 but the
    problem is when i access the play store it still says “No connection”
    “Retry” and i have internet for everything even using internet on my Phone!
    just not play store…. and if i go to the store on my computer it says the
    apps i try to install are already installed! PLZ HELP!!

  12. John Tseni says:

    Thank u sooooooooooooo much the only one that accualy works I LOVE U!!!!! 3

  13. Simone Accolla says:

    I need to change and write the id address like this on video???

  14. Moad Alchayah says:

    Thank u very muches im so appreciated

  15. Ashadul islam Samiul says:

    plz someone help me 🙁
    i couldn’t find the second ip to add # .
    ” local host ” only one line :(

  16. Rahul Jaikar says:

    Umm anyone of u play greed for glory!!!

  17. Cody Mcconnell says:

    Dude I love you, it’s find working in a randomly stopped I don’t know why
    it was randomly stopped for but thanks 

  18. Turulcky A.D. says:

    You are a LEGEND!!! Many THANKS :D

  19. Pham raker says:

    thanks alot, this one totally works. Its awesome, thanks !!!!!

  20. Anthony Diaz says:
  21. Fei Fei says:

    thanks it’s work :)

  22. nighthawk01 says:

    thanks helped alot… was about to format my phone!!!!!

  23. Abdulbasit Qureshi says:

    RAHUL JAIKAR JINDABAD thnk u man helped a lot

  24. Ariell Hairil says:

    10000% work

  25. Wissam zeid says:

    Hi All . i just tried it and it never works ……
    i tried another method by deleting the file ” Hosts ” and it just work fine

    try this if you had the same issue


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