Cannes Lion Award-Winning “Three Little Pigs advert”

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  1. Luke Oliver says:


  2. joebstarsurfer says:

    well done le Gurdian mobot doeswnt like farmers shame Mcalpine owns how much tax free land.Another real farmer set up Glastonbury which unlike the Guardian is making money and still liked.

  3. chinthana marshal says:

    I found that truly insightful. I had been so mystified seeing my friend change from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a no-one into being awesome. He pretended he failed to notice. He ultimately admitted it on Friday. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He is on a date right now with a gorgeous girl… Lucky guy!

  4. joebstarsurfer says:

    little pigs Mobot as always knows bleep all no article about jornalist who are feds David Rose daily mail in the Itn archives!.It would be nice to read a real paper no chance of that.

  5. SlimeShows says:

    Really who were you

  6. SlimeShows says:


  7. Deborah Rock says:

    I was in this advert, it was great to be part of it, so much fun and I made some good friends.

  8. joebstarsurfer says:

    So Guardian slaves how is the Dnotice committee different to the NSA?.
    Google had one of theres at the last meeting.

  9. joebstarsurfer says:

    Lobbyists!!!!RobertMcAlpineLtd funding Thatcher and everything else.So much bullshit why cant the media write that ONE story which is at the center of corruption of England.
    That story would change everything!.

  10. joebstarsurfer says:

    Graham Ovenden walks free after judged no longer a sexual threat
    Good of the Guardian to ask why!!!.

  11. LegoMiester1 says:

    when will the pigs ever learn? T_T

  12. joebstarsurfer says:

    The Guardian turns off comments on woolwhich attack.Who is the paper for again i forget.Rich people that love smoking but not cats.

  13. joebstarsurfer says:

    The Guardian doesn’t know who peel holdings are well done idiots!!.Read the Eye it was in there last issue.

  14. heathertheanimefan says:

    Best advert ever 🙂

  15. joebstarsurfer says:

    saw sky news in chip shop on way home BNP stopted by anti natzis.Guardian coverage o well done boys and girl bloggers.

  16. abdou1995 says:


  17. joebstarsurfer says:

    The private Eye has stories.The Mail is a middle aged wank mag.
    As for people they voted for Hitler and buy the mail nuff said.

  18. joebstarsurfer says:

    Dearest Guardian or net blog slave that has to read these can i see naked mud wrestling with Mencsh and any of the new breed of blog slaves Mobot could do something useful when not plugging Mcalpines palls.#realitybasedFeminism#

  19. joebstarsurfer says:

    All English media apart from the eye read like Murdochs bitches.The eye has facts and wont sit down with Ukipper for a pint.The Guardian would had dinner with Hitler if it increased sales.

  20. joebstarsurfer says:

    Chairman South West Committee
    The Country Land & Business Association

    Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Farming industry
    Mobot didnt even bother to look at who funds the people hes plugging the mans an ideot!!!.when will he do an add for mcalpine nothing would surprise me.

  21. Aniconic Ocean-Jewel says:

    thanks for the video it was intersting. 

  22. joebstarsurfer says:

    The Guardian should stop kissing people like Lord Mcalpines arse.There story about Lucy Meadows story shows who they should be sticking up for .Unfucking believable!.

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