Can homelessness be solved with social media? – Truthloader meets Invisible People

After losing his job in TV marketing, Mark Hovarth became homeless. As a way to survive he began documenting life for homeless people. He now campaigns for a…
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  1. Prepperation H says:

    if we could keep more of our income (ie- less taxation) we would have vast sums readily available to be charitable with. again, government is not the solution, but actually exacerbates the problem.

  2. Golden Vapors says:

    The monetary system will never solve homelessness, it goes hand in hand with it.

    Having a warm 4 walled area with lights and heat, tv, pc, communication is far more important than anything, so this is what people will fight for, not the monetary system that can’t keep up with it.

    At first it will be a small movement with people like Tesla, Stan Meyers, a few radicals. Soon, the wisdom will spread and we will see a golden age or full out war/tyranny. Most “homed” people are defenseless.

  3. Golden Vapors says:

    Not to mention with infinite energy you have the ability to grow anything anywhere there is a hole to dig a tunnel and put a light. 4 guys made a “home” underground and had 400+ marijuana plants going. Do you EVER think big government and big oil wants to end this problem? They create it in the first place, they’ve been creating it since the dawn of time, the only way planets get through this shit is through revolution on the scale of the birth of America, but globally. FREE ENERGY = solution.

  4. Golden Vapors says:

    Free energy is the only solution, and as far as the food “problem” – people actually need to stop laughing at Jericho Sunfire and open their eyes.

    They have these problems solved on other planets, but the key is always going to be free energy. Big oil doesnt even want “homed” people living free. What the black dude says is the problem, and the solution is energy, and drastic revolution, may even be civil war.

    Crystal batteries/earth batteries and solar panels hold the key, we have to use them.

  5. john macdonald says:

    maybe they chose to be sensible and not judge someone on their past mistakes and instead highlight the fact the person is going out of their way to bring awareness to a serous global issue.

  6. amc133 says:

    /watch?v=oujiCmLCo0U this could solve it

  7. David Wager says:

    A great story. Also, excellent new feature.

  8. livingstonem10 says:

    Thanks for the channel recommendation, truthloader! I’ll be looking forward to these.

  9. StUDioROMe says:

    I like this channel, I really do, but Phil’s wardrobe needs some attention.
    Dress for success, not stripes and bazare sweater patterns.
    side note; make sure the guy you highlight on your show didn’t become homeless & couldn’t keep a job due to a coke habit like this one did. Do the research.
    I’m just saying…

  10. CHRIS060278 says:

    Good man..all the best from the uk

  11. Nigel Burn says:

    Great I wish I could help he’s doing a great job good for him…..

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