Camp Bisco Eleven Official Recap Video

The official recap video for Camp Bisco Music Festival 11 | July 12-14th, 2012 in Mariaville, NY. Track | Madeon – Finale (Dillon Francis Remix) Edited by Calder Wilson Filmed by Ryan Lee, PJ Morreale, and Calder Wilson Produced by MCP Presents – www.facebook.com Be on the look out for future Camp Bisco updates: www.facebook.com www.campbisco.net

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  1. marcain123 says:

    Madeon original song is 200% better than dillon francis mix.

  2. meagherd1 says:

    if you missed the big boi set this year, the whole thing is in this recap

  3. bonelessman1 says:

    thats my boy at 2:29 we was rollin sooo hard there

  4. TeamDynasty101 says:

    you sir, are an ignorant mother fucker, and that is all i have to say..

  5. zevex747 says:

    I saw so many beautiful girls there, a fair amount of them topless and proud. you shuold try to make it next year.

  6. JamesPmusic4booty says:

    i wonder how many ppl died this year

  7. Reid Wilson says:

    lol true. i drank one beer at bisco. too hot i couldnt bring myself to drink

  8. Ben Cramer says:

    MASS EDMC at 1:41 🙂

  9. michelleyy13 says:

    :’) See you all next year, I love all of you

  10. Leah Mackey says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. lauraax14 says:

    well, if that doesn’t make you wanna cry of happiness, you have no soul. BISCO 12 SEE YOU ANIMALS THERE!!!

  12. NYYkyle2513 says:

    bro, most of the girls at bisco looked amazing. Sure there are those ugly grimmy girls, but most are hot as hell

  13. BlazeWithMeHeHe says:

    Yea 80% are TRIPPING BALLS, not drunk. You also meant to spell disgusting too, you illiterate fuck. Some rave/ festival bitches are nasty but most of them are hot as fuck so chill your prepubescent nutsack.. weirdo..

  14. childofthesixties676 says:

    2:14 the man that made your bisco

  15. patrikis says:

    they’re actually some of the hottest girls ever. You’ve clearly never been to a festival.

  16. Mariah Heinrich says:

    most of us aren’t drunk at all actually

  17. ForcedU2Dubstep says:

    So epic

  18. boy10112 says:

    i love how 80% of the girls that go there are beat and discussing drunks rofl

  19. Rangersfan1122 says:

    Like for Camp Bisco 12! see all you fuckers there!

  20. Jil128x says:

    RIGHT ! Just thought the same thing!!! awesomeness ! I wanna do that !

  21. Andy Parent says:

    It’s not a party till Chuck Norris makes his appearance 2:15

  22. domnighelli1 says:


  23. KottonmouthSoilder says:

    I find it funny how they showed big boy twice even though he was only there for like 15min and no video of skrillex who, even though im not that big of a fan, killed it and had an insane crowd. Still cant wait for Camp next year!!!!

  24. xJillakilla says:

    I wish every day was like this.

  25. allenm8859 says:

    daedalus at 1:59! awesome.

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