Calabash Cove, St. Lucia Honeymoon Part 1

Day 1 and Part 1 of our honeymoon in St. Lucia at Calabash Cove. Simply Amazing

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  1. MichelleAlpha says:

    In the Watersedge cottages there is only the outdoor shower but there is a bathtub inside.

  2. smoothyankees says:

    Hi is there another shower besides the outdoor shower?

  3. MichelleAlpha says:

    I can say Calabash Cove all the way! I went around the island and everytime I got out I just wanted to head back to the resort. The service if amazing!! Stay in a cottage if you can.

  4. eazytopleez says:

    We are going on our honeymoon November 7th-13th 2011 in St. Lucia. We are debating between Calabash Cove and Ladera resort. Your videos were awesome! Any thoughts you might have on this would be greatly welcome. I’m jealous watching this!

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