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caboodleup.com Caboodle Business Opportunity -Social Media Is Exploding! Connie Wilson – 503-616-2383 It is truly changing the way people all over the world interact, share ideas and make purchasing decisions. With nearly 25% of all time spent online now spent at Social Media websites, the marketplace is now primed for our Caboodle Opportunity. Caboodle provides you with all the tools, marketing support and products you will need to help you capitalize on this incredible revolution. Mobile is Growing Even Faster M-Commerce is now growing more than FIVE times faster than E-Commerce and 2010 will be the last year PC’s outsell SmartPhones. Caboodle is now poised to become an industry leader at the forefront of the Mobile explosion…with cutting edge exclusive Mobile Product Solutions and offerings. Caboodle puts you in the position of being at the forefront of the M-Commerce parade. http TheSocial Network is HOT …so is Caboodle for your business. Today’s marketing is all about engaging with customers, not selling to them. It’s about branding and having a social presence. See for yourself at Caboodleup.com Click on the “Mobile” link and sign up for your FREE mobile website! http mycaboodle.com

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