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Lesson #5 of 8: Buyers, Buyers Everwhere

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Today I am going to keep it short and sweet!

We have had some long emails the last couple days and I would rather have you out there generating traffic to your sites.

We wrapped up yesterday in regards to finding out the importance of writing/emailing your own list.

We also looked at the fact that having multipe streams of traffic is of the most importance!

Diversity Rules!

Which brings us to Lesson 5! Buyers, Buyers Everythere!

The question you probably want to know is where to I get the buyers from…or where can I get my traffic from.

Well here is the deal and is the key to lesson #5!

“There are buyers everywhere” says Daegan Smith

It really does not matter where you get traffic from as long as you are getting traffic to your site.

The more you bring, the more that are going to opt in of course due to the law of averages….

…assuming you build the right business.

Do not expect to put your link/ad for those who may be interested in knitting on a website dedicated to motorcycle riders.

Now, you might actually get some motorcycle driving knitters to respond, but it is not going to be very targeted, or likely!

There are buyers, buyers everywhere…just make sure you look in the right places and fashion your advertisements accordingly so you have a concise call to action.

Make the viewer click that banner or pick up there phone to call you because you are offering them something of value that they apparently can not live without at that point in their lives.

Think back to a few days ago, when we talked about lesson three and having your own product (read below as I have included the past episodes in this series)

If you have seen “The Field of Dreams” movie with Kevin Costner from years ago, “build it and they’ll come!”

Now this is not true in the sense of set it and forget it.  You have to apply what you learned over the past couple days to continue the flow of traffic to your site.

If you have the right information, they will want it would be a more appropriate phrase here perhaps.

So with that, I will cut this episode short so that you can build it yourself.  Your assignment is to find some niche specific places that you can put your advertisement.

This may seem somewhat similar to your assignment from the other day and that is ok and a reminder that many things you do will overlap and be related to helping your business grow.

You will also start to realize by now which sites might be of more value to you versus others.

When we get back together for tomorrow’s lessons you will learn how to Suck the entrepreneurial spirit out of a prospect!

Wow, doesn’t that sound exciting!

Until then, drive traffic anyway you can to anyone you can!  They are everywhere…

Dave Gardner

If you want the whole thing, it might still be up but it won’t be forever, you might instead see his regular page, which is still good and worth checking out to become a member

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