Business Lessons from Prince William and Kate Middleton

Business Lessons from Prince William and Kate Middleton

Article by Karen Keller

There probably aren’t many people on the planet who don’t know about the upcoming nuptials of one of the most famous bachelors in the world. Getting married is a pretty big step in life for anyone, and doing it before the eyes of millions is thankfully not what the rest of us have to take on! Still, William and Kate are going to be in “business” a long time, and we can already see they are determined to color a little outside the lines and run their own show despite all the trappings of tradition around them.

What a perfect reminder that in business, daring to be different is far more interesting than following the pack, and it can net you more clients in the process.

How’s your marketing moxy? On April 29th, Kate won’t be taking the same route to the church that many royal brides before her have. She’s even going to ride in a car instead of a horse-drawn carriage. The pomp and circumstance we’ve all come to expect will still be part of the experience but a new twist on the old tradition will give it a whole new flavour.

Do you stick to traditional business marketing tactics or do you allow yourself to think outside the box? There

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