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  1. gummybearfan101 says:

    i agree, she seems more like a normal person instead of a beauty guru in front of a camera. i feel like shes been a little commercial on her channel and i wanna see the real blair

  2. olivia pilarski says:

    Like if u r watching on your ipod

  3. puffypup101 says:

    Def agree, hopefully she realises she doesnt have to be so comical in front of the camera because her personality when she is relaxed is so much more relate-able (that prob made no sense, but i just mean that i feel like she is more on the level of her viewers)

  4. nikkijam66 says:


  5. cookiebee24 says:


  6. nikkijam66 says:

    Their not????

  7. cookiebee24 says:

    to bad there not together anymore:'(

  8. Kaitlyn Farr says:

    I love Blair and Sawyer<3

  9. CatwomanGr says:

    omg HOLLYWOOD :O

  10. MilenaNeycheva89 says:

    Blair: “…but when I felt it in my hands…the thought of that going into your body freaks me out.”
    Sawyer: “That’s what she said.” 😀

    I just LOVE the kind of look she gives to him after that. hahahahaha

  11. singsongs456 says:

    shoot some….paper

  12. sw453 says:

    @juicystar07 blair comes across alot more likeable on sawyers channel than she has been on her own channel recently.we like this side of blair.

  13. BEAUTYROCKS173 says:

    “I can’t get my seatbelt in.” lol Blair so cute! @juicystar07 @sawyerhartman2

  14. LollipopLover0808 says:

    Lol that’s what she said

  15. beauty4life4 says:

    yall are seriously the cutest couple ever.

  16. iamsexynhorny says:

    how lucky you are to live just behind the sigh!never been to hollywood before!!!! keen for a visit hahahah

  17. Nadouxx says:

    “she was more afraid that the woman next to her was going to turn and shoot her than anything” haahhaahah

  18. sel4shaft says:

    @567Katii sawyer and blair met over facebook and then went for lunch together ithey say so in the boyfriend tag

  19. xxxmbvxxx says:

    his apartment

  20. TMDesignz1625 says:

    this place should be friggin exy

  21. 567Katii says:

    @kirrrrh its an apartment, same place elle and blair live. him and blair met there 🙂

  22. maria94644 says:

    thats what she said

  23. Marleen976 says:

    You live in such a amazing place!!!:)

  24. kirrrrh says:

    is that his own house or his parents?

  25. Enchantelover247 says:

    Aw the Hollywood sign !!!! ahhhh xxxx

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