Building a F1 car filmed with high speed camera

Watch this great video from Williams F1 Team assembling its Formula 1 from the ground up in high speed. www.f1plus.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. SPORT says:
  2. Tokerz NerdZ says:

    How long did it take them?

  3. igu sousa says:

    Olha isso +Diogo Borges

  4. Norbert Czakó says:
  5. Andrew Dylag says:
  6. king tim Wong says:
  7. Shayne Lenin says:
  8. Nate Naymick says:
  9. Alena Nikolaeva says:


  10. Joseph Hemphill says:
  11. Cosmo Wan says:

    Don’t they ever get any sleep?

  12. Ivan Mesic says:
  13. Rodolfo Octavio Bautista Ruiz says:
  14. Laurent Dale Fillis says:
  15. Formula 1 Fans On Google+ says:
  16. Andrew Schott says:
  17. Simon Stoppa says:
  18. Formula 1 Fans On Google+ says:
  19. Christian Kuhn says:

    befor lotus maldonado drove for williams

  20. shimric20 says:

    Crashtor races for Lotus, not Williams.

  21. Chris Franz says:

    Is this the redbull team? they should had drink that shit so much to build
    up an f1 in 12 minutes 😀

  22. Gabriel Lopez says:

    Time laps camera or shutter setting ?

  23. suremind says:

    high speed camera.. lol!

  24. Californicachion says:

    Great! I see it also

  25. Tom my says:

    A high speed camera films with high speed, but this is time lapse…

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