Build Themes On iPhone And iPod Touch With ‘CodeThemed Mobile’ 2.0 UPDATE – iOS Vlog 538

CodeThemed has been around for awhile providing people with an easy way of creating and downloading themes. Before version 2.0, you were only able to make themes on your computer and transfer them to your device. Well, now that has changed and you can build themes right on your iDevice. CodeThemed Mobile itself is free, but if you want to have the feature that allows mobile theme building it’s going to cost your $ .99. With this you can easily choose from preset icon themes or upload your own. This works by either snapping a picture or chewing one from your photo library. You can change the icons, dock, labels, wallpaper, and opacity within the editor. The app has a ton of sharing features too that will allow you to share your themes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for everyone to upload. You may also look at the themes other people built to have a butt load of free goodies. Version 2.0 of CodeThemed Mobile is available NOW in Cydia for FREE with the option for an in-app purchase mobile Theme Builder. Social Network: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forums: www.iPhoneForums.net Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: www.Twitter.com Google+: bit.ly
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  1. ImThatSickKid760 says:

    I downloaded it an I go to sign up after I filled out a username an all that stuff an try to continue I get a pop up that says there was a error n to make sure I downloaded the updated version of that app..I couldnt find any update whats wrong??

  2. Mizfan2598 says:

    Hey kriptic is there a way to get the in app purchase for free please reply

  3. HDude96 says:

    I got it off of cydia and I open it and it crashes …. What do I do

  4. theskill123456 says:

    how do u make amimated backgrounds and in app themes?

  5. greend614 says:

    Sweet, now maybe they will stop putting all these garbage codethemed themes in cydia! Now if you want a crappy theme, you can make it yourself!

  6. lidiarivera1 says:


  7. TomBudinMusic says:

    @lidiarivera1 What is this? SonyKryptic?

  8. JOS3ALFR3DO49 says:

    legit ­čśÇ

  9. Pumas9422 says:

    When I download the app From cydia I go to it and says sign in there no sing up and it want let me use code themed help!!!!!!

  10. BlondishTony says:

    A7X!!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

  11. lidiarivera1 says:

    What camera do u use.? Can u do a review of ur camera please.

  12. riptide312 says:

    you sound like Jonah Hill

  13. MegaJoel17 says:

    i need tweaks for custumizing or making my device 1 of a kind . dont you ?

  14. maxtheking1234 says:


  15. tilleAudio says:

    where do i get username and password?

  16. S4NG3RINO says:

    When I open the app it says Username and Password. Wheneer I enter anything it says its wrong. Where do I get the Username and Password from thanks

  17. icekillez says:

    @SCHREDDERjr its unlock not jailbrarek

  18. nahder says:

    hey i just posted a video of my 2 year old daughter doing amazing things on my iphone including playing netflix,songs, and angry birds. Its filed under “toddler is tech whiz with iphone”

  19. SCHREDDERjr says:

    when is the jailbreak for 05.16.02

  20. IPhoneApplicationsDE says:

    without jailbreak i would not by a iphone

  21. DooodleTech says:


  22. GameAsian says:


  23. rockstarmaniac717 says:

    10 facts´╗┐ abut you:

    1. You are´╗┐ reading this´╗┐ comment

    2.You´╗┐´╗┐ are realizing that is a´╗┐ stupid´╗┐ fact

    4.you didn’t´╗┐ notice I´╗┐ skipped three.5 You’re checking now

    6. You’re smiling

    7.You are still reading my comment

    9´╗┐ You´╗┐´╗┐ didn’t realize I skipped eight

    10. You’re´╗┐´╗┐ checking again´╗┐ and smiling´╗┐´╗┐ about how´╗┐ you´╗┐ fell for it again.

    11. You’re enjoying this 12.´╗┐´╗┐ You didnt realize there are only´╗┐´╗┐ supposed to be ten facts. post this to´╗┐ one video´╗┐´╗┐ and tomorrow´╗┐ will be´╗┐ the best day

  24. IamiPodman69 says:

    I run a repo from my iPod Touch with iRepo. Any chance of saving my made theme straight to iRepo?

  25. MNSTRBEATS says:

    Is this compatible with ios 5 beta 7?

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