Build Online Traffic Through Social Networking!

Build Online Traffic Through Social Networking!

Article by Chris Hunter

Building online traffic can be accomplished in many ways: post blogs and join online forums; create relevant articles; optimize pages and keywords; use video marketing; and invest in pay-per-click. Use of any of these options can help increase bring visitors to a website.One very current and successful way to increase online traffic is through social networking. Every minute of the day, thousands of people are visiting websites to share ideas, post comments, give recommendations and advice, expand a circle of friends, and meet new individuals. Internet users in different demographic profiles are coming together in large numbers for one specific purpose – sharing knowledge and gaining friendship.

Build Relationships

A good relationship is absolutely necessary in order to maintain friendly ties which can be utilized to influence individuals and organizations. The pattern of human interaction in a social network can be a great tool to increase the volume of traffic to a website. Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are major social networking groups that can influence the spread of information about merchandise and services and can actually bring a greater percentage of prospective buyers to visit on a website.


There are several benefits that can be derived from social networking.

Links – More quality links from these networking sites can increase online traffic to a website.Advertising – It is a very advantageous way to advertise a business and have a particular brand be recognized and known to millions of social network subscribers. Sharing – It can bring more potential online customers to visit and share essential information about a website to interlinked friends. Traffic – The degree of connectivity from one person to another through the use of this networking will cause a positive increase in visitors to a website’s.Visibility – Viral marketing promotions through the use of social network sites will also boost online visibility which can bring increased free traffic and numerous readers and purchasers. Targeted Audience – Targeted visitors can be directed to a particular location each day by enhancing advertisement performance and promotional items. Branding – By taking advantage of this kind of method, a particular brand image is being presented to everyone’s attention to make them aware that a particular online business exists.Increased Sales – By increasing the volume of a website’s traffic, it is very likely that higher sales and revenue will be generated. Social networking is very conducive in building revenue for a business and increases the likelihood of increasing sales and profitability for a business.

Building a strong relationship with customers and creating conversions within the parameter of social networking is a great took for online marketing. Millions of potential customers can gain access through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and others, increasing the percentage of such traffic and serving as a great promotional tool to market a business.

It has been reported that the top source of web traffic is through social media sites, with Facebook being the best to bring more visitors than any of its competitors. A comprehensive study by a marketing research company indicated that 25% of web visibility is developed through social networking links. Increasing online traffic by social networking is indeed an increasingly favorable means to increase revenue for any internet marketing company!

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