Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Download This Song: bit.ly Tweet this Vid-ee-oh! clicktotweet.com ERB Merch: bit.ly Facebook.com epicrapbattlesofhistory.com Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is EpicLLOYD, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 2. As always, these videos could not be possible without your suggestions, your subscription, and the help of a lot of awesome people. Special thanks to our homies at Maker Studios, they helped us create the rap battles, and they continue to support us with everything we need to keep making them. CAST Bruce Lee Mike Diva www.youtube.com Twitter.com Clint Eastwood: EpicLLOYD www.youtube.com www.facebook.com Mustached Cowboy: Nice Peter www.youtube.com facebook.com Bruce Lee Stunt Double: Xin Wuku www.youtube.com facebook.com Written by: NicePeter, EpicLLOYD, Dante Cimadamore, MC Mr. Napkins www.youtube.com Mike Betette youtube.com Beat Produced by: 2Deep Beats www.facebook.com Song Produced by: Nice Peter and Choco Mixed by: Choco and Nice Peter www.1200warriors.com CREW Directed by Dave McCary http Compositing and Background Design by Sean Barrett www.youtube.com and Andrew Sherman Edited by Dave McCary, Andrew Sherman and Nice Peter Assistant Editor: Ryan Moulton www.youtube.com Assistant Editor: Marc Chester www.youtube.com Director of Photography: Jon Na Gaffer: Arthur Hong Music Supervisor and Playback: Dante Cimadamore www.youtube.com Costume Design: Sulai Lopez youtube.com Costume and Prop Consultant: Mary Gutfleisch youtube.com Makeup and

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  1. EpicAndMore says:

    Worst Bruce lee jumpsuit ever

  2. Samurai Tortoise says:

    Well Bruce Lee didn’t really have anything bad so it would be hard to find things to say. also the first verse of Lee is just accomplishments of his.

  3. richardspank says:

    Gene Simmons vs. Richard Simmons

  4. Francisco Castillo says:

    Jesus Christ vs Richard Dawkins (for those who dont know him, he is a famous Atheist)

  5. jutman64 says:

    Actually..I won

  6. WhackManProductions says:

    Robin Hood vs Ned Kelly

  7. nopants18 says:

    Joker vs the clown from It

  8. waiting4codot says:

    Donald Trump versus Henry VIII

  9. Onassis Pule says:

    Lol Eastwood won but Bruce is and will always be The man!

  10. Preston Graham says:

    joseph stalin vs saddam hussien

  11. Rishav Dasgupta says:

    Al Capone vs Machine Gun Kelly

  12. Jeremy McNabb says:

    Tony Stark VS Bono?

  13. trần chí thanh trần says:

    lady gaga vs katty perry

  14. Churchhalo101 says:

    Assassin’s creed vs Prince of Persia

  15. NinjaSauce9000 says:

    So much potential here. Just wasted. I call a rematch.

  16. Jeremy McNabb says:

    Eastwood nailed it.

    How about Incredible Hulk VS Cookie Monster?

  17. SushiChucker says:

    George Washington vs Mao ze Dhung

  18. LjIzTheCrew says:

    avgn vs nostalgia critic

  19. iBeatboxing says:

    Goku vs Superman

  20. Ernesto Antonio Mendoza Guerra says:

    Hobbit vs LEprachaun

  21. Nazim Djoudi says:

    Clint eastwood Fucked up Bruce lee

  22. King Taylor says:

    Bruce Lee won but Clint Eastwood did a good job.

  23. drsassykatatat says:

    Waldo vs the wonder chef

  24. aingaran2003 says:

    omfg yes

  25. Liam King says:

    pillsbury doughboy vs. tony the tiger

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