“Brotherlee” Twin Tweens Cody and Brody Lee on Ryan and Randi Presents!

Performing their original song “Cutelicious” – we promise you will be singing this song. These young artists really deliver on the set of Ryan and Randi Presents!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. cutiepie112783 says:

    im 10!YOLO

  2. cutiepie112783 says:

    no they r 14 5 motns ago in a interviue cody was so cute when he was 13 what hapend! lol !YOLO

  3. 19jurnster says:


  4. Roc Royals Gyrl says:

    THEY CUTE lol>3

  5. meme71950 says:

    they are really kute n good !

  6. angeljones352 says:

    They are hot

  7. missdww10 says:

    They’re so cute!!!

  8. TyeraSutton1 says:

    They cute c:

  9. TheUnpredictable57 says:

    i love your video!!! my name is makyla im about to be 9

  10. MegaJonas75 says:

    That’s so cute!!!!!!!

  11. MindlessSwagxo says:

    they go to my school (; this yr is gonna be fun .. ;p

  12. Cidneybabyxoxo says:

    Love they are cuteere

  13. dsmithtali says:

    Cody.sounds like a girl

  14. Nay Barbie says:

    cutilicious  <3

  15. Ruby kearney says:

    omg my fav is cody lol

  16. shanekalyles21 says:

    I love it…..both of them sexy

  17. simone3307ify says:

    Brodey is cute

  18. Preonda Williams says:

    they got a cute voice

  19. mya taylor says:

    at 0:28 he was lookin sexy wow them boyz is hot

  20. tiffanymgardner8 says:

    its not jb its just b it looks like it but its c and b cody and brody

  21. Elaine Williams says:

    all both cute but I like the one with his hair out to cute

  22. genesis david says:

    i like the one with the jb belt on

  23. devitta2kute says:

    They from cymphonics lil mrs swagger music video

  24. Slimm1899 says:


  25. vicki simmons says:


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