Britney and Justin How I do

Britney and Justin Forever
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  1. Rhane Ally says:

    they are not meant to be….

  2. Rhane Ally says:

    i’m always crying everytime i played their videos,…so sad…

  3. biak777 says:

    THEY are the most perfect couples in the world…but i dun know why they broke ….

  4. 18RoyOrz says:

    you are very compatible to each other

  5. AaMeLiSsitA matias says:

    beeauty song ♥

  6. 12dollarsand78cents says:

    He was just out of her league in smarts. She is hot, but it’s hard to have a conversation with a under educated woman. She doesn’t even known there isn’t a god.

  7. faitytale19945 says:

    if they both love each other really
    they will forgive each other and they will built their friendship again
    but i understand to justin because justin was angry to britney
    and he decided not to talk to her anymore but britney is still in his heart
    if he don’t have place in his heart for britney he will talk to her normally
    and also britney love him a lot

  8. MsLupin93 says:

    i couldnt believe they broke up!!!1 :((

  9. Raflove1 says:

    the music and the pics make me cry :’)
    anyway i think that they are meant for each other what happened and they split only they can know and not we,but i trully believe that they never founf somoene else that special and they are not gonna find

  10. Raflove1 says:

    we don’t know if that is the truth

  11. Raflove1 says:


  12. Michelle L says:

    No?? That’s Britney in the music video “Everytime”.

  13. Rihanna2553 says:

    1:43 Avril Lavigne..

  14. marianbrit says:

    como se llama la musica???

  15. P Lammers says:

    justin i think that brit still love you very much . maybe if you call her i sure that tears are falling . we love boht of you and we hoop that together in the arms of each other again

  16. tjmaxswagg says:

    @xxG0mezR0cksxx listen to britney song guilty it explains why they broke up

  17. xxG0mezR0cksxx says:

    How does people budding into there lifes have anything to do with there breakup? Britney cheated on justin more than once , thats why they broke up.

  18. Denisse Zamora says:

    la mejor pareja dl mundo xq carajos terminaron 🙁

  19. bruxinha2013 says:


  20. jenny delavega says:

    u can see they are so in love with each other so true…..

  21. monique duncan says:

    so true

  22. crea khaye san juan says:


  23. uploadingthebest says:

    Preston and Jayden are so cute, but can you imagine JT& Britney babies?

  24. zeghamendro vega says:

    They looked so Effing good together,,,I wish somebody could go back like in “Butterfly effect” movie and bring them together…

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