Breyer Horse Movie ‘Expect The Unexpected’- part 2

So far, I’m liking how this movie is turning out. This has to get 400 views for part 3. *PART 3 IS OUT* I know my voice sounds really awkward in some parts (especially in the beginning) and that I had a few word slurs and said the wrong name at 3:03 but whateves. Its still better than I thought. HINT FOR PART 3: part 3 will be a lot longer than this one and something reeealllyyy important will come up in that part. Summary of this part: Morgan is having a lesson with Confetti. When she canters up to the jump, he refuses and slips and falls. Because of the accident, Confetti will not be sound for a while. Since he will not be sound they decide to switch stalls out between him and Magnetic Attraction. When the trainer is putting Confetti into his stall, she tells Morgan that she can work out Zenyatta with Magnetic and John. Magnetic is sure that he can beat her in a race and Zenyatta doubts it. So they have a race and Zenyatta beats him. When they’re cooling out, Zenyatta wonders if whatever happened yesterday in the pasture meant that they were “dating” or “going out” or however you want to phrase it. So she asks him and that is for you to find out what he says. ­čÖé Models used: Confetti: Esprit Zenyatta: Zenyatta Magnetic Attraction: Cigar Music used: The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift Our Song by Taylor Swift White Horse by Taylor Swift You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift Thanks for reading/watching.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 2002webkinzlover says:

    if i were you i would go bye´╗┐ breyer horse stables not being rude in any way there only like 15 $ just syggesting cause im getting breyer horses soon and can you give me some advice?

  2. PrayingTheGround BreyerHorses says:

    What did you use to make this? Ive´╗┐ tried iMovie but I cant get it to cut the scene so sharply

  3. dutch4ever65 says:

    at 4:10´╗┐ Me: GO ZENYATTA! O.O
    My Dad: O.o??

  4. ModelHorseMovieMaker says:

    iMovie only goes with Mac. It comes with it too, so no. It does not cost anything unless you get downloads´╗┐ to go with it.

  5. SchleichWhisper says:

    Hi! I love your your videos. Is iMovie ONLY for Mac? ;]´╗┐ Does it cost anything?

  6. BreyerLuv924 says:

    i love´╗┐ the video hey i am planning on getting Thunderstorm!

  7. Breyergirl888 says:

    She tried her best. No need to at like´╗┐ a professional movie producer!

  8. glenwiley says:

    i´╗┐ zoo wish magnet won like soooooooo wish it

  9. 101HyperHaribo says:

    This is´╗┐ soo good!! i love it!!!

  10. TheBreyerCorner says:

    wow ur really´╗┐ good at this!

  11. MoonacreEC says:

    i love it gets really arkward towards the end though lol i subbed plz sub back´╗┐

  12. trualtruism says:

    wow you must like taylor swift´╗┐

  13. Jordan Hauk says:

    This is very good!´╗┐

  14. Horses4ever8 says:

    2:50 FRIEND ZONED´╗┐ XD lol

  15. ilovedixieandisis123 says:

    ilove this´╗┐ and u love taylor swift right me tooooo

  16. barrelracing55 says:

    This is Awesome! Good´╗┐ Job!

  17. xXCrazyLalalandXx says:

    I think that some bits were a bit boring but most of it is´╗┐ good.

  18. chitownbowhunter says:

    i´╗┐ wish magnet won

  19. VickyEast98 says:

    I love your videos´╗┐ <3333

  20. 1122horsegirl says:

    i forgot how good´╗┐ this movie was i love it so much

  21. Riverdawnstables says:

    great use´╗┐ of the taylor swift songs ­čÖé

  22. Riverdawnstables says:

    sorry i didn’t mean to make you feel bad, just´╗┐ giving some advise ­čÖé

  23. ModelHorseMovieMaker says:

    My movie maker – iMovie´╗┐ with iLife 2011 downloaded to it.

  24. breyergirl247 says:

    the horse efect where are they from´╗┐

  25. ModelHorseMovieMaker says:

    What do you mean the sound?´╗┐ The sound effects or the music?

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