Breyer Horse Movie ‘Expect the Unexpected’ – Part 1

Hope you like it.This has gotta get 300 views for the next part.* PART 2 IS OUT* Music used: Constellations by Jack Johnson We’re going to be friends by Jack Johnson Do you remember by Jack Johnson Angel by Jack Johnson Models Used: Magnetic Attraction- Cigar Zenyatta- Zenyatta Prince- Kennebec Count Horse in the lesson (Blue)- Lady Phase Camera used: Sony Handycam Movie makers used: iMovie with iLife 2011 downloaded to it Summary of this part: Magnetic Attraction is let out into the pasture for the first time in a month due to him not being sound. When he’s let out he notices the new mare to the barn, Zenyatta. As he’s talking to Zenyatta they both notice they’re in love with eachother.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jakecakeish says:

    thats sooo good and its me you friend jamie from facebook !

  2. TheAweMighty says:

    I learn as I go too….

  3. TheAweMighty says:

    I use imovie high five….

  4. Emma Plank says:

    i have imovie and right now im sssssssssssooooooooooooooooo confused

  5. Jessica Szkotak says:


  6. aom nossfatsug says:

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Your relly good in making movies with breyer’s! <3

  7. 416tayjay says:

    Just saying, Blue’s canter was really slow! Just kidding! Oh my gosh I love your series!

  8. libzandcaza says:

    put headphones on and listen to the galloping hooves – its awesome! and this is really good! 🙂

  9. showla123 says:

    im wondering how is zenyatta im geting her today plz answer im so excited every one says shes great but i want to now from you 

  10. crazyhorsechic22000 says:

    Dude!!! My name is Angela too and I really want to be a horse owner and trainer!!! I love this video!!!!

  11. glenwiley says:

    i love this movie but where did you get prince

  12. 5horseygirl says:

    ha just relised the scary face in that metal piece lol

  13. 5horseygirl says:

    really good film but have to say i agree with 1999liblob thecantering is extremely annoying lol

  14. Cece Blue says:

    i wants some breyer horses now!!! and i love it

  15. 1999liblob says:

    The Cantering part is Annoying

  16. Monica Meier says:

    at 4:14 is a wonder ful veiw of his BUTT

  17. ILOVEHORSES5902 says:

    i really like this 😀

  18. ModelHorseMovieMaker says:

    I’m not sure actually. I have only been using iMovie since late July, and still haven’t found most effects on it. I learn as I go, though.

  19. horsesRmylife9399 says:

    thank you:)

  20. TheMissBreyer says:

    she wasn’t being rude and who cares if it has one little thing in it not t make it realistic sheesh

  21. ModelHorseMovieMaker says:

    She is in the Lady Phase mold. Her model name is Watchful Mare I believe.

  22. TheMissBreyer says:

    How did you edit this so good on imovie?

  23. horsesRmylife9399 says:

    what model is the white pony in the very beguinning?

  24. 553horselover says:

    Yes it’s fine to have GELDINGS with mares, but not STALLIONS.

  25. 3000horsecrazy says:

    not to be rude but at my barn mares are put with grldings and mabey that’s the case here.

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