BREAKING NEWS! PROOF! The U.S. Government IS Monitoring Social Networking Sites!

Aaron Klein’s original and complete article at WND.com http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/obama-czar-proposed-government-infiltrate-social-network-sites/ Hear Carl G…
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  1. nodresiak says:

    Of course they monitor social networking sites. They have been doing this kind of stuff for long time. They have been doing this with books for years. Go rent a flagged book and you get looked at by feds. Go to some fake sights they have set up for so called extremists and you are definitely being looked at. Big Brother is watching you online.

  2. Claymore1977 says:

    of course they are monitoring social networking. why wouldn’t they be? it’s a perfect place to gather intel. idk why people are so shocked.

  3. Cheryl Newcomb says:

    Obama is the only thing flawed! The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of
    Rights are the only documents between The American People and this dictator!!!

  4. Rudi Tham says:

    isn’t this a well known fact?

  5. lekynlabe says:

    no way! social networking sites is very helpful to us!!

  6. Wayne Henry says:

    No where in the Bible is menitioned to whorship on Sunday. Sunday is a day of whorship for the Pope and those that follow the “man” in Rome.

  7. Jane Doe says:

    @shanepaulcoward Right on spot! Anti-America, freedom-hating usurpers have overtaken Washington and evil DOES work in the dark…. in the shadow govt. Because this is the only way they stand half a chance of imposing THEIR will on the people who would otherwise be clearly against it. I honestly don’t know WHAT it’s going to take to win our nation back, which has been hijacked by control freaks who want to ENSLAVE us. But it will take something drastic, no doubt.

  8. Jane Doe says:

    What exactly are “the Sunday keeping Christians?”

  9. Jane Doe says:

    SCREW  Cass “Castro!”

  10. selious04 says:

    This should be common sense by now. It’s anything capable of demonstrating great influence on the populace.

    Anything that sends signals, like chips in cellphones and TV cable boxes can send and collect data because it uses the SATELLITES positioned outside the earth. Some people don’t use technology, that’s why the ultimate security measure will be rfid (RADIO FREQUENCY identification) chip implants, the chips have tissue-bonding caps to prevent removal. Kari Byron on Mythbusters has one.

  11. yackyick says:


  12. yackyick says:


  13. Wayne Henry says:

    Obama is the Beast married to the Whore,The Sunday Keeping Christians that join with the Anti-Christ, the Pope to enslave the people of Jesus Christ our Advocate and Savior. Have heart, turn off the TV, pray, build family and pray. DeoVolente

  14. TheTaminski says:

    TAKE EVERY vile word in the dictionary, scratch that…THE BIBLE, that is what OBOMINATION IS…make NO MISTAKE, he and his PUPPETMASTERS are in the BIBLE PROPHECY AND GODS WORD WILL BE FULLFILLED, He is NOT the Anti Christ THE A-C is well liked and RESPECTED BY THOSE HE FOOLS INTO FOLLOWING him, TOO LATE FOR O, thank GOD, but the EVIL ONE will be so much more sinister once he reveals his true self…AS MUCH AS O GETS AWAY WITH IT IS UNIMAGINABLE THERE IS WORSE…GOD HELP US ALL

  15. janole3711 says:

    Facebook is a modern day Hollerith machine. 

  16. wolffmagic72 says:

    Haha… thank you.

  17. Benjamin Umnus says:

    LOL I love the picture of Al Gore spitting fire! That’s funny! In regard to the topic though, I see positives and negatives. On the one hand it is good, because when some people within the government do this they have stopped pedofiles from hurting children, but on the other hand the Obama quote you provide at the very end is quite disturbing when you consider in addition the NDDA law recently signed by Obama… Great job! This is one of the reasons why I wanted to come back to YouTube.

  18. Wildrosestands says:

    There is right now, a $650 million dollar lawsuit that has been filed against O’Bama and his criminal allies in WASHINGTON. It has been filed in the northern DISTRICT OF ALABAMA. The suit is Turner and the People of The Republic for The united States versus Barrack Hussein O’bama. And he is definitely going to lose this one!

  19. Wildrosestands says:

    Interpol has a real nice list of arrest warrants that are about to be served on the jokers. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces, when they are dragged away in chains to face The World Court, and all of the nations and people that they have attacked and harmed..

  20. TheTaminski says:

    AGREE…A Narcisist EGOManiac…URGH!! his tongue is black, satanic, slimy slick rather than silver…WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR HIM EVER AGAIN???????? Lack of brain function…:(

  21. Bitter Clinger says:

    If you don’t think Bush had this in mind when he and his band of NWO thugs wrote the Patriot Act, then you are as blind as the atheists who look outside and say “all this is just an accident”.

  22. patinacs says:

    Thank you for the video.
    No sweat-GOD is watching.

  23. malcolm campbell says:

    find out were this guy with the super comb over lives and burn his house to the ground with him in it 

  24. wolffmagic72 says:

    What really blows me away is Obama saying the Constitution has flaws, wow! It was written by our wise fore-fathers and perfect in it’s design, yet a one-term senator with a silver tongue can criticize it. Is everybody out of their minds? Why did this guy get elected?

  25. majorl311 says:

    He is flaky,nutty and fruity and possibly fake also,not even the real flaky fruity nutty,artificial flavorings added!

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