Breaking Free From Our Cages of Comfort…

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  1. Fonkology says:

    this really resonated with me.. opened my eyes.. then ego gets it the way as usual.. but this is the real truth you are talking about… I like how you explain things.. very inspirational Katie.. thank you very much.

  2. MrFranklintree says:

    The video is a lot like me. It would be very hard to break from the  prison I made.

  3. AirTrio says:

    Yeah Katie, you’re quite right. Hard to admit but it’s true.


  4. PictureForce says:

    Yes this resonated for me. It is a bit too embarrassing to speak about in public. But you are very helpful Katie. Thak you.

  5. alienspent says:

    Some things did come up, I don’t see it being related to money, but who knows? Attachment is attachment right?

  6. lounu777 says:

    Bravo Katie!!!

    Your story on the Parrot is a good one. This and many others are why I love Youtube so much.

  7. lironmoneyonline says:

    Great video and great massege!!!


  8. Littlemissjazz says:

    I’ve been whatching a few of your videos and I really love them! You talk in such an inspirational way and you make me feel so happy and hopeful! Thank you! <3 😀

  9. Ronzoroni says:

    your right> i like the story . we have choices and paths that lie ahead of us we just have to choose the right one and stop imagining it as a place we could or should be.. unless we drop all the baggage that holds us from our destined path and take that step we will only suffer! time for some change i know i need it just need courage to take the step i know is right for me. we need to protect our dreams not have them stamped on.

  10. peixa79 says:

    Hi Katie, that is a great story, I wanted to add that there is also the reverse of that coin… The parrot had been caged all his life, he would be very vulnerable outside of that environment, and that is a real thing too. I heard a song once that was talking about how walls limit us but they also protect. You can’t fill a glass of water without the structure to hold it. It’s all about balance. I

  11. TStanowski says:

    Katie, glad to see you back on the scene! And the story you just told resonated with me perfectly. Absolute wake up call considering that success only comes to those who step out of their comfort zone, ce la vi.

    Takes friction to get a spark and to step out and take on the challenges we face in our lives. This includes simply letting go to move on to “freedom”

  12. Edward D. Elliott says:

    Excellent video and message. Time for moving into Freedom!  Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless!

  13. PsionicX1 says:

    Story made me think of this line from The Matrix, said by Morpheous: I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

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