Boy’s Body Acts Like Magnet, Attracts Metal

An 11-year-old boy in Brazil is drawing attention with a purported ability to attract metal objects to his body. Paulo David Amorim’s abdomen, chest and back allow objects like spoons and scissors to stick to his body, according to TV footage. (July 8)

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  1. johanistick says:

    Fat magneto. 

  2. cardante979 says:

    lol..one of the oldest tricks in history 🙂 besides cups and balls…

  3. ZACHxFULLER says:

    That’s kinda cool and kinda sad for him.

  4. goofygooberaustin says:


  5. SkraypLiveStream says:


  6. OneClownShoe says:

    His only weakness is talcum powder.

  7. spilot14 says:

    Now all we need is to kill his mother infront of him. With anger; we unlock your power.

  8. meeeeeeeeetube says:


  9. awesomepat says:

    Magneto is for real now we waits for doctor X and hes X-men!

  10. sirhixalot says:


  11. butlerkeith65 says:

    I saw a guy like this on the history channel. He actually had a rare skin mutation that made his skin very porous and anything smooth would stick to him. I’m not sure if this is the case here, or if he’s actually magnetic.

  12. thomdrock says:

    @7Ieonfever lol, just one more little disappointment in life you just have to swallow

  13. thomdrock says:

    @jasonkmills He’s slowly becoming a black hole

  14. thomdrock says:

    @SoulPower00 lol, you poor son of a bitch

  15. jasonkmills says:

    hes so fat he has his own gravitational pull

  16. Damon242 says:

    @TheLukemusik That’s not stickiness. That is clearly a magnetic pull.

    Consider the weight of the objects, their positions, and each spoon and fork’s immediate pull towards the skin when in close range.

  17. TheLukemusik says:

    This has happened so many times before. Like that kid in croatia a few months back. It’s not ‘magnetism’, but sticky skin, pretty much from lack of hygiene.

  18. 7Ieonfever says:

    magneto why did u give ur powers to… well him

  19. philipisphilip says:


  20. youarenotone says:

    the only thing that boy needs to do now is get in good shape lol

  21. CallumSkene says:

    this is old news

  22. iGEEZA says:

    chick magnet? ;D

  23. ThatsCalebForYou says:

    they should name this .. “Professional Doctor Plays with kid”

  24. 5TMAN5 says:


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