Book Specs – An Artists Guide to keeping band stats for future use.

lorenweisman.com – tag2nd.com – Book Specs – An Artists Guide to keeping band stats for future use. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. Book Specs for The artists guide are listed below this video on my website. These are all the details and the stats for my book. Are you doing the same for your band? Do you have band stats? Touring stats? Recording Stats? Do you have a page of music archives or information about your band, your recording or interesting statistics that can be used in a marketing mix of content for a long time to come? If not, why not? My book specs have been used in numerous videos, blogs, interviews and shown up in stories even two years after the book came out. Having this information is great for music marketing and music advertising. Do you know what Microphones you used or how long you were in the studio or how many hours it took to record that EP or how many miles you logged? It is much easier to track along the way on your phone, on a laptop or even in a note book. In turn, that material can be used for future content, contests or anything for promotion and marketing down the road. As a music consultant and college speaker, I often ask about certain stats and numbers that musicians and bands say they should have kept or they would have but forgot to. So the point is, track it all. From book specs to band stats, from mileage to hours in the studio, to the number of drumsticks the drummer broke in one month to the number of strings the guitar player
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