Blue – Vocal Rehearsals!

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  1. rhonwenwestern says:

    I go fiiind you Lol and Antonies smile is soooo cute….. As always ^_^

  2. MattScandrick says:

    simon say NA NA NIIIIIIIIIIII 😐 dappy fan? lol

  3. llgAmMZll says:

    f**k you babe lol

  4. mich ylp says:

    Lee is like sooo funnny !
    And i love love love duncan’s slang ! 😀
    GO BLUE !!! <3

  5. 4everYourFan says:

    Lee looks fineee in those jeans 🙂

  6. Drewmanko says:

    самые лучшие парни в мире!)
    с прекрасными голосами…

  7. pjvilla93 says:


  8. LadyMetallara91 says:

    aaaaaaa chi mi dice!!!!! Grande Lee XD Italia The Best

  9. mammu111 says:

    where is 23.05 Blue Monday?

  10. mammu111 says:

    1:39-1:42 Lee is hilarious:D

  11. TheDemy95 says:

    OMG Lee is so funny!XD

  12. zornicaivanova96 says:

    Lee is soooo cool! :)) INLOVE!

  13. 4EverYoungWeMissYouh says:

    I love how lee says , NaughtBoy . ahahhaha 😀

  14. mariejuana95 says:


  15. midnightdream137 says:

    duncan ,, your lips ohhhh, sexy ,

  16. Zsófi Katona says:

    cool:D and funny:D haha:D Blue foreva:D

  17. greatworld1979 says:

    Lee and Duncan? don´t know if i spell it right..they r so hot…

  18. TheHEYAppleee says:

    Wouldnt it be funny (and sexy) if Lee’s towel fell down! XD

  19. lulu221094 says:

    god, this is so embarrasing, but I knew all the words to A Chi Mi Dice, and I don’t even speak a word of Italian!

  20. Steven Hsieh says:

    What’s the name of the song they were rehearsing?

  21. EllieSweettt says:

    hahaaa funny mondays! 😀

  22. TCt83067695 says:

    they were doing the bed intruder song

  23. llgAmMZll says:


  24. Valeria Roatis says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chi mi diiiiiceeeeeeeee….che sto male pensandoti e tu sorridi voltandoti verso luiiiiiiiiiiii <3 <3

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