Blue – (Interview) – Behind The Scenes Of One Love Tour


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  1. 4oki4e says:


  2. Nadia Beitzel says:

    i like their accents )))

  3. ThePomiget1 says:

    hahahah I love those wigs 3:01 ahahah

  4. 86thislove says:

    Haha Lee, he’s so awesome and cute!

  5. BlueLady1995 says:

    Lee could copy something else- not only bottom… XD LOVE LEE:***

  6. Kumquaaat says:

    Love You <3333

  7. danutzxxxxx says:

    crazy guys, would love to take me in their tour if they get back haha

  8. frikibunny8 says:

    where’ my jacket?
    where’s your jacket?
    where is my jacket????
    aw man they’re so funny

  9. BlueLady1995 says:

    1:53- very funny!!!!

  10. xSmoerfiix says:


  11. banane1706 says:

    lee´s copying his naked bum or???

  12. asdenfek says:

    oooo god

  13. CookieBear99 says:

    Ahaha they’re funny 🙂 I love em’

  14. GraCheTogo says:

    See my “bubblin” remake..don’t miss it if you’re a blue fan!!!see my video…

  15. binky06 says:

    haha lee photocopying his bum. haha funny

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