Blue in Scream if you know the answer (full version) Part 1

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  1. ferbfan12 says:


  2. 4oki4e says:

    why is lee wearing this hat ;D 

  3. ZerogCoasters says:

    is it me or did simon say mother fuck at 6:00 ?

  4. Sophie Lautner says:

    Scream If You Know The Answer is an awesome show.

  5. viikidavikingful says:

    I would love to go on this gameshow, been on all the rides at Thorpe Park millions of times. Love this show though, great fun!

  6. caelortiz says:


  7. Eva Malaki says:

    omg what is this? 10:36 ….. Lmao…..I lovw Blue ♥♥♥ but where is Antony???

  8. BlueGirlCo says:

    Incredible show!

  9. mammu111 says:

    deam, Dunc, Si and Lee are very brave. i would never do that. well, maybe when im “pleasanty” tipsy……

  10. inaela3 says:

    :))) hahahhaha LEE at 07:38 BLUEEEE !!! i likee

  11. karlitaus5 says:

    I♥them! The make me day!;-)
    thx for this vid<3

  12. MissCarterTerenzi says:

    this is SO FUNNY i love it!!!

  13. Eiwi ei says:

    Duncan & Lee<33

  14. mary ann yumul says:

    Lee and Si, I’m proud of you, both of you are brave in that kind of rides, are you won’t feel dizzy or feel vomit?

  15. BieberShuffle says:

    id love to see antony costa in this

  16. giuliawest says:

    thanks so much for uploading this!!!

  17. PrettyfullPrice says:

    wheres Anthony 🙁

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