Blue – Between You and Me (new song)

New songg ­čÖé

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  1. detiana07 says:

    i love the voice of´╗┐ my Dunk………..

  2. Alaa0Elr7bani says:

    0:43 OMG!!´╗┐

  3. MrDoesplao says:

    They come´╗┐ back to hot again..

  4. saowaeye eye says:

    i love´╗┐ this song ­čÖé

  5. MsSun2flower says:

    awsome´╗┐ song…:-)))

  6. LittlePinkFantasy says:

    Still a Die hard fan. Damn! Does anyone knows when new album is out? (´╗┐ Belgium Fan! )

  7. nadyaberlin says:

    oh my god´╗┐ cant wait for the new album !!!!

  8. didizela says:

    I love Blue ! <3 strongly the next album´╗┐ !
    Duncan i adore you ! kiss

  9. berns845 says:

    keeps me awake as usual. adrenaline rush everytime i hear blue! it’s good to have you´╗┐ back!!! and thanks very much to “belle” for the upload!

  10. Lisbon blue says:


  11. Claudiettac says:

    beautifulllllllllll´╗┐ i love BLUEEEEEE….. <3

  12. aJoanaMarques says:

    simon’s´╗┐ voice is adorable <3

  13. KKKellyyy625 says:

    nice´╗┐ song :))

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