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www.virallabz.com Remember BlogRush? I was a big fan of that concept… Unfortunately, the site was designed to generate ad impressions, not actual visitors and did not work very well in the end (that’s why John Reese decided to shut it down). But the good news is that, you can get a similar tool, which actually guarantees TRAFFIC, not ad impressions. It’s still very new (it’s not even officially launched), so it has huge potential. Old BlogRush description —— Free Traffic For Your Blog With BlogRush. Completely free blogging widget that helps you to exponentially increase your traffic and to improve your search engine ranking. BlogRush is a syndication system that allows you to display the title of your latest article from your blog to other blogs in your category and get more targeted traffic. The system runs on ten (10) levels of referrals and gives you the possibility to exponentially increase your number of readers.
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