Blogging – a fun way to generate traffic

Blogging – a fun way to generate traffic

Article by Rahman Alwi

Blogs are known to attract large number of traffic. This is due to the nature of blogs which are very dynamic and constantly changing from time to time with new information. This is the reason why blogs are constantly indexed by search engines and updated regularly. If your site is using a blog format rather than a traditional website, your content will be indexed much faster. Once you started one, you need to find ways to generate traffic to your blog.

First step to build blog traffic is to make sure you submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible. This will ensure your blog will be noticed by these directories and indexed. Another important task is to make sure you set your pinging sequence in your blog to ping as many blog directories when you have a new post. Once a blog pings a directory, it tells the directory that there is new information in the blog and please index the new content. This will help in generating blog traffic because once the blog is indexed, your blog have better chances to appear in search engine queries.

Post regularly in your blog. Readers do not like blogs which are not updated regularly and tend not to visit often. Popular blogs known to have many loyal visitors, and they attract these loyal readers by posting regular post.

Commenting in other blogs and let them know your opinions. This is another method of generating blog traffic. When a person wants to leave a comment in a blog, you will be asked for your website or blog address. Provide the information and this will leave a link from the comment you made in the person’s blog back to your site. People who read your comments and find it interesting might visit your site. This method consumes lots of time, but it is a way to help generate blog traffic.

The above are simple ways a person could use to increase the popularity and traffic to her blog.

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