BlackBerry PlayBook Web Fidelity Video (Multimedia, Games and Social Networking)

Just in time for CES 2011, this BlackBerry PlayBook web fidelity video demonstrates rich multimedia, Adobe Flash games and social networking websites like Facebook running in the BlackBerry Browser.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. whitechizcake says:

    i want 🙁

  2. TheENofficial says:

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  3. lar19951 says:

    will this playbook soon have order and chaos?

  4. eafanboyssuck says:

    @AndrewSmith00000007 yea dude, mine shipped in today. Its awesome. Its basically a laptop-it has flash, it can play and watch almost anything from the web. Camera is good, very responsive, and best of all, very portable.

  5. AndrewSmith00000007 says:

    Im buying 16gb version. it’s only 199 now. Can’t resist such a huge discount temptation.

  6. se7enUp2007 says:

    Ah.. this is what i’m trying to find. Yes, the Playbook supports flash games on facebook. Great job Blackberry. I’m getting this tomorrow.

  7. DanXDi says:

    this is so damn good!

  8. imnchstruntd says:

    cool!! now I want it more than I wanted it the first time I saw it!

  9. gizzle19 says:

    @MrOktony can it load the full desktop twitter site?

  10. 42dwdw says:

    ive want to know why my playbook keyboard will not type on games-eg:kingdoms at war.it works on everything else

  11. MT5792 says:

    I was at Best Buy and was playing with this…. I FELL IN LOVE!!!

  12. comerian2009 says:


  13. Ryoga2K says:

    I had my doubts when they first released it mainly because I had seen the blackberry OS became worse and worse in later devices, but damn this thing is so much win, I tested it on a store and flash runs so smoothly! full flash support with excellent performance is enough reason to buy this as Flash has become to be so complex that you can code almost any kind of app on it and you can run the same app in other platforms as well, I really like this tablet.

  14. MrOktony says:

    @LegoLikeDaBlocks24 perhaps you had a duff one! My playbook is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ipad is for women with handbags 😉

  15. TUMELTY777 says:

    This rapes ipad away out to buy one now 🙂

  16. LegoLikeDaBlocks24 says:

    @burnelement if you got your dick out of your mouth you could see the truth that this product sucks

  17. LegoLikeDaBlocks24 says:

    DO NOT BUY THE PLAYBOOK!!! i had this for a week and i wanted to break it i half!! it would not connect to the software. it would shut off when i was in the middle of playing an app. it was slow as hell and then it completly fried itself. i now have a 64GB ipad and it is one thousand times better! think before you buy. get the ipad instead.

  18. SilkRouteTrader says:

    I never liked ipad or iPhone. I experimented with Android 2.2 and yuck will never touch android phones/tablets again – worse than apples’. I like playbook – especially the same desktop YouTube.

  19. 97MindFreak says:

    @havumafu lmao ipads are for little 12 year old kids. I mean come on how can you compare this to the ipad, this supports flash!! At least blackberry took some time to make a good product while the ipad and apple fans got screwed.

  20. HollisAmesLe says:


  21. havumafu says:

    it is just a shitty touch computer, ipad rocks!!

  22. FazeReaper says:


  23. burnelement says:

    @spliffgame  well said apple sucks ass

  24. jay2x2008 says:

    awesome..i really like ipad but uughh flashh i really need flash man.grr..i wanna buy BBPB .!!

  25. Points2Game says:

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