Bill Nye The Science Guy on Magnetism (Full Clip)

It’s all about planetary attraction, magnetic that is. A compass can help you learn where north and south might be, as long as the planet you’re on has some churning molten metal someplace. Maybe you’ll find one, here or out in space. The pull is the strongest at the poles, and that’s where the field is pulling straight down. So, that’s where the air glows. Watch on…
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  1. Christosan88 says:

    Number one reason Mars is not inhabitable as Earth; no magnetic protection.

  2. MrMoslow says:

    lol white rain coat + hang wire = Bill in space….. i love it!!!!!

  3. 616TheBeast616 says:

    this motherfucka be lying, and gettin me pissed

  4. hwrcool says:

    go to BillHouseRock channel to watch full episodes

  5. Chris Beer says:


  6. cerberus144 says:

    Compass Man!

  7. dylanwinn3 says:

    Not *how* they work, but how they appear to work.

  8. dylanwinn3 says:

    Not *how* they work, but how they appear to work.

  9. dylanwinn3 says:

    Not *how* they work, but how they appear to work.

  10. Jug99head says:

    I mean he didn’t explain magnetic monopols.

  11. Jug99head says:

    He didn’t magnetic monopols. Shure I know what they are but still!

  12. Colton Taresh says:

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?

    *Bill Nye enters*

    Actually, I can explain that.

  13. SuperPatriotMom says:

    Thanks for making this part of our homeschool fun!

  14. dirrenbb says:

    why does 1:46 feel sketchy

  15. DenialGuys says:

    sunspots would make our t.v.’s fuzzy, if we used antennas….

  16. masterofcats12 says:


  17. BECKDADDY says:

    Bro tip get more magnets

  18. Gotmilk0112 says:

    Fuckin’ Magnets, how do they-

    Ahh, I understand now.

  19. TunkieHobo says:

    Trolls brought me here.

  20. magmablock says:

    Fuckin’ magnets.

    Bill knows how they work.

  21. thevampirefrog06 says:

    It’s out here somewhere…

  22. mrquackadoodlemoo says:

    i never knew that those were called van allen belts. im in grade 10.

  23. mrquackadoodlemoo says:


  24. Xunkun says:

    Hey Juggalos: SUCK IT!

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