In 2010, direct selling companies generated over 5 billion in revenue in 150 countries through more than 75 million men and women who are changing lives serving others. “Direct selling has never gotten its due from Wall Street. It’s time we recognize that the direct sales model works, and it works well.” There is little question why financial notables like Cramer, Warren Buffett, Ray Chambers and Suze Orman have touted businesses based on direct selling. The most recent figures show that within the 5 billion global direct sales industry, a mere .3 billion came from the United States, while billion came from the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin American sales reached billion. The sector’s growth leaders were also in the developing world; India joined the list of billion-dollar nations, generating .06 billion in revenue for 2009. China saw 2009 sales increase nearly billion, and Russia, though it experienced a somewhat modest gain of 0 million, still moved up to No. 9 in the DSN ranking of the top billion-dollar markets in the world, with .06 billion in 2009 sales. Direct sellers have historically held a competitive edge over traditional retailers of goods and services because of their skills in connecting with people, their personal ethics in business dealings and in the automatic trust and respect generated when dealing with word-of-mouth “advertising” through networking. After all, direct selling is the ultimate social business model, and

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