Big Government spying on social networking sites?

In this video we will go over the claim if US government agents (Shills) actually troll social networking websites. You will be blown away with the results. Stay tune. Reference- Federal Agents Urged to ‘Friend’ People on Social Networks, Memo Reveals www.foxnews.com Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog wewontfly.com Ohio 6-Year-Old Turns Up on Terror Watch List www.aolnews.com EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11 www.foxnews.com Stuxnet code hints at possible Israeli origin, researchers say www.computerworld.com 5 ways your TV is slowly killing you www.msnbc.msn.com
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  1. renegadebiker24 says:

    I think this is all due to the paranoia thanks to the “Patriot Act”. It is time for the American public to do one thing that most politicians fear the most, and that is to NOT ELECT THEM, and stop falling for their “smoke and mirrors”.

  2. lovesheidi says:

    i would rather open my mind and be informed and knowing than to not be informed and be decieved

    john lott

  3. willywill1984 says:

    @TheJackSnackAttack it’s not the government job to protect the people, except for their freedoms and that is a task they are purposely failing at. The only person who can protect us is themselves.

  4. TheJackSnackAttack says:

    By the way my comment below was (sarcasm) because come on now we all know the government is protecting us and they are just doing their job. So let them do what ever they want. God Bless

  5. TheJackSnackAttack says:

    We kill all of the politicians and all of us as a people should start a revolution and take over the whitehouse and start a better and realiable and safer government that gives equality to all people. And anyone that dosent like or trys to rebel against this will be executed.

  6. WCCWBarneyGreen says:

    this is getting worse and worse.

  7. WhiteSage777 says:

    This is pretty obvious and Facebook -being the worst because the communication is very open.

  8. tarheeltim32 says:

    @alleygh0st They can be because too few are aware of really care…

  9. willywill1984 says:

    @alleygh0st right in the people’s face and that is good…better to know and expose them in the open for the commies they are.

  10. alleygh0st says:

    Confirms a lot of my own suspicions. They gettin’ obvious huh?

  11. crypter27 says:

    Ofcourse they are!

  12. jackerlol1 says:

    will some denier come and say “it’s not happening, it’s not happening! the government “loves” us.” hahaha. This video answers that old age question, NOT a conspiracy theory anymore…

  13. judoflipper98 says:

    “I’m a government agent” lulz. joking and yep you bet big government is watching us all…they need to go back and fight crime…but in that case it’s the American people who they hate. oust the unconstitutional scum out of office.

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