Big Brother Fusion Centers Go MLM (Multilevel Marketing)

garkonomics.info if you want a real mutilevel marketing opportunity (actually it is better than multilevel, they pay 100%!!) go to http what you see here though, this is true, just a passerby who gave me a card about the latest mlm biz opp it is all about people spying for the government and getting paid it is rigged so as to attract a lot of people doing a little… so everyone is involved in spying on everyone! lol it is also most likely illegal since there is no product exchanging hands in the pyramid structure. in mlm legal field if you have a compensation plan that is based on earning from recruiting reps instead of selling product or services with substantial value that is a pyramid and illegal. this is all about Fusion Centers storing info on American citizens in databases, profiling what people are doing, where and when and invading people’s privacy who are not suspected of a crime while paying people to work indirectly for the government and expand the scope of the global police surveillance apparatus

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  2. DNALeaderboard says:

    Sounds like good mlm

  3. Climb2win says:

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  5. deceiver123m says:

    So how do i get in on this juicy deal?

  6. src438 says:

    This is not- AMERICA- this is friking the “SOVIET-UNION” ISRAELI-MOSADNIC-MILANO-DISGUSTING-that brought this life style to AMERICA
    Every human-being become a terrorists when the real terrorists are on the plaza beach in Israel-dah…..But, I don’t care I maybe end-up on the Plaza in TEL-AVIV.
    There is a chance that they can watching any one they want brought a “web-Cam”

  7. bulltexan1 says:

    Un-friggin believable!!!
    I can see in ten years(if we have that long),,people with no jobs,,but all running around snitching on one another,,,for a dollar or two.

  8. Herbalife10Now says:

    “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

    wishing u much blissful energy and light force!


  9. TinyMachines says:

    Weird weird shit. You know, the only way that the company will make money is if they’re VERY good at finding license plates. That means there is much less ability of running from a tyrannical government thanks to this business.

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