BID – Ryan Lee of Super 8

Catherine interviews “Ryan Lee” of “Super 8”. Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Tumblr: breakinitdown.tumblr.com Harry the Sound Guy’s Twitter: twitter.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    is really fun when he says “fourteen” sjdasklda

  2. TyJensenable says:

    Awesome interview!

  3. cassandratjheu says:

    your schoes are tooo niceeeeeeee 🙂

  4. XxXluvtherasmusXxX says:

    @96leenaa hey i followed you 🙂 does ryan lee follow back ?

  5. IttyBittyFangirl says:

    Ahahahaha, boner alert. Now my goal is to look like Sandra Bullock.

  6. TheCookie8866 says:

    mumble mumble mumble

  7. TheCookie8866 says:

    @greg141028 same boat my friend same boat 🙂

  8. TheCookie8866 says:

    apparently she the best reporter quote “if you wernt here right now id be swearing” 😛

  9. greg141028 says:

    @96leenaa haha I watch this video everyday too, I have a crush on him 🙂

  10. sheilatakeabow1990 says:

    my god he’s adorable

  11. belieber0406 says:

    my friend loves him

  12. skampire says:

    @96leenaa hahaha OMG i watch the Titanium vid everyday as well !! ^_^

  13. countrygirl3378 says:

    ryan lee is so stinkin cute he is like amazing.and i cant go a day without watching a video with him in it i

  14. Aeisya1 says:

    justin bieber you can go to hell now!!!

  15. Aly999iyiy says:

    uhh..did she say boner alert ? xD

  16. kitigirl7214 says:

    I’m like you, I watch his video every day

  17. IRyanIx69 says:

    My name is fucking Ryan Lee…omg

  18. Grahaminator1 says:

    its weird having him used to go to my school and having all these peoplle say he’s hot and stuff… weird

  19. marion46300 says:

    it’s very good .love rya

  20. misspaintlover says:

    he is soooooooo gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  21. hipposandaardvarks29 says:

    He should go see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It has tom hanks AND sandra bullock :)

  22. ICPinkFuzzyBunnies says:

    The advetisement is SO stupid -.-

  23. Hardcoreteddybears says:


  24. tsluv13 says:

    ugh. now i hate sandra bcause of this. 😉

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