Beyond Wrestling – [Full Match] Josh Thor vs. Veda Scott – “Ring Leaders” ROH SHIMMER Intergender

Check out www.LookMaNoFans.com – Beyond Wrestling’s brand new website! —– [Full Match] Josh Thor vs. Veda Scott from the Beyond Wrestling “Ring Leaders” taping. [Full Match] — Beyond sports. Beyond entertainment. Beyond Wrestling. – http www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.vimeo.com www.formspring.me www.justin.tv beyondwrestling@gmail.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. cmamara says:

    that is the real shimmer wrestling????

  2. square111 says:


  3. Adamwrestle75 says:

    Great clip, love the way the guys are around the edge punding the ring when the young lady is demolished 😉

  4. jayackymailcom says:

    this is one of the sick matchs that i have ever seen. so no t rates for them…

  5. Shazrand says:

    Awesome pin.

  6. TheMotherfer says:

    I seriously want to watch this on TV, or online. An audience of wrestlers who are dynamic as fuck. It really is “Beyond Wrestling.”

  7. TUATC18 says:

    PLEASE tell Josh Thor to use that dive spot in more of his matches. It’s hilarious!

  8. Sneezlebob says:

    @BeyondWrestling Jamilia Craft and Jessie Bonesaw Brooks are both ROH/Shimmer Graduates

    The ROH/Shimmer schools are apparently the same.

    Mia Yim is part of the school too i hear. So Veda is like the 4th graduate I guess

  9. BeyondWrestling says:

    @fliphusslove Same difference!

  10. fliphusslove says:

    @BeyondWrestling I believe shes aprt of the shimmer school

  11. cbsgrundy says:

    @BeyondWrestling Jamilia is a graduate of the ROH school as well. I had forgotten that, I’m a goof. 🙂 So Veda is the 3rd. I apologize.

  12. BeyondWrestling says:

    @cbsgrundy Good call. After dropping commentary, I was also wondering about Jamilia Craft. Is she from the ROH school, too?

  13. cbsgrundy says:

    Update, Veda is the 2nd Female Gad of the ROH school. Ms. Rayna Von Tosh is the 1st.

  14. BlueKnight851 says:

    Josh Thor vs Jarek 1:20. I would like to see that match.

  15. TheHeelHook says:

    @Alphonzo316 I have no idea what that means

  16. TheHeelHook says:

    @mensabs You kidding me. I know her and have trained with her on more then one occasion, she more dedicated (from what ive seen) then a lot of guys out there. Sure she’s not perfect but skill comes with time my friend… and before you shit on womens wrestling.. I suggest you watch some good girls! Nikki Roxx, Mercedes Martinez, Sara Del Rey (best in the world), Madison Eagles, JAZZ, Hiroyo Matsumoto. Times have changed… get with the program

  17. kyndleradgers says:

    I think Veda Scott should come to WWE. Anyone agree with me?

  18. Sneezlebob says:

    @mensabs Please never talk again, as you are fucking retarded

  19. mensabs says:

    @TheHeelHook wrestling’s for guys–these ladies are clumsy

  20. WolfBoyVOE says:

    (Drew Gulak vs Josh Thor) mustash vs mustash

  21. howtoDisturbReality says:

    “She’s takin’ her hipster-doofus glasses, and she’s gettin’ the fuck outta here!”
    – Denver Colorado

    Not enough matches like this!

  22. The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says:

    If that really was Veda Scott’s 3-5 match, impressive. Josh Thor is pretty cool, but everybody knows Pinkie Sanchez & R.D. Evans have a much higher awesome factor.

  23. Alphonzo316 says:

    @TheHeelHook Yeah, that’s nice and all, but what can she do with this bag of chicken tho?

  24. TheHeelHook says:

    @mensabs dude you suck… the girl has tremendous potential… she obviously doing ok she’s been in the ring with Daizee Hayze and Portia Perez (2 of the best around) and has looked pretty damn good… I guarentee she cn out last you… I’d bet money on it!

  25. TheMotherfer says:

    This should be on TV.

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